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Vegan Gastronomy is the world's leading #VeganCookingSchool that was setup to help train existing chefs, people wanting to become a chef, beginners, or just about anyone how to elaborate and create amazing tasting Vegan dishes that encourage people to move to a compassionate, healthy, economical, and sustainable way of life. The academy is located on the peaceful island of Mallorca in the Middle of the Mediterranean Sea where historically it has been at the crossroads of so many different cultures.



The island is a popular tourist and vacation destination due to its beautiful beaches, rich cultural history and its agricultural heritage due to the abundance of sun. 

Sometimes traveling to a foreign country can be an intimidating experience. Mallorca is an extremely safe place to visit and has virtually no crime. To compare to the city where you live please see NUMBEO (world's leading reporting services) >>CLICK HERE

Mallorca is often called the "Popular Star of the Mediterranean Sea". See the different parts of the island in this video made by Lonely Planet.





Due to the popularity of the progressive school the academy operates multiple different training facilities.

Vegan Gastronomy @ Mercat
Espai Gastronomic, 1st Floor
Mercat de l'Olivar
Palma de Mallorca

Vegan Gastronomy @ Port
Calle Joan Miro 11, Unit F
Palma de Mallorca

Vegan Gastronomy @ University
details coming soon

Telephone: +34 673 184 928


The price of the workshop does NOT include accommodation but we recommend the following hotels near our academy that provide convenient access to the training facility and to the beautiful historic city of Palma de Mallorca, rated as one of the top cities to live in around the world

  • UR Mision de San Miguel: this hotel is located 1 minute walk from the academy and is on the main street that runs through the walkable city of Palma. This hotel is also close to the Metro, Train, and Bus Station that can take you all over the beautiful island.
  • UR Portofino Beach Hotel: this hotel is located 30 seconds from the famous beaches of the island.  The staff and restaurant are familiar with having Vegan clients and can provide many vegan options. The hotel is 5 minute walk from main bus line that takes you to the center of the city and drops you off 2 minutes walk from the Academy training center.
  • Palma Suites Apartment Hotel - this is near academy and is like having your own home 
  • Pension Costa Brava - this is a hostal style place that many students have stayed at in the past  
  • AirBNB Offerings in Palma: are quite extensive in the old city.  The city is not a dangerous place and has virtually no crime so no matter where you stay within the city you can feel comfortable.
  • Palma Yacht Crew Facebook Group is the group for all the people in the yacht industry who normally rent rooms in their homes or rent their flats and apartments. Simply join the group and post "I am looking for room to rent for these dates in Palma". Many people will give you options.