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screen-shot-2017-10-30-at-4.16.42-am.pngFree From That is an organization of like minded people that own and manage several key companies that deliver services, training, education or products that show people around the world how plant based vegan dishes can become mainstream rather quickly, inexpensively, and profitably.  The company is constantly looking for people and companies that want to take their great idea and need some help taking their idea to a global market.  Some of FreeFromThat's portfolio includes companies like:

  • Chocolate Con Artist chocolates
  • Spicy Chica Sauces
  • Vegan Chef/Cook Training
  • Neu5AC Energy Bars 
  • ARSousChef Augmented Reality Training from USA

The company has offices in Australia, Las Vegas, Orange County USA, and Spain and operates product manufacturing in Poland, Spain, Estonia, and Denmark.