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Advanced Vegan Cheese

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Advanced Vegan Cheese

The Advanced Vegan Cheese Curriculum is a journey through the world of vegan cheeses and the different techniques in elaborating vegan versions of popular cheeses. This is a comprehensive overview to the world of Vegan Cheeses and involves learning every step of the process and all the different techniques for mastering the art of making Vegan Cheeses.


  • 1 Week Intensive Training (5 days per week), 8 hours a day, 40 hours total

  • Breakfast or Smoothie and Lunch included every day of course (5)

  • Tour of agricultural farm or vineyard for sourcing ingredients

  • Vegan dinner at top vegan friendly restaurants on the island (1)

  • Wine pairing training


  • Airfare to and from Mallorca Spain

  • Some meals (detailed curriculum provided after booking)

  • Transportation to and from Academy

  • Hotel or Accomodations



The one week course provides extensive overview of the processes of making plant based non-dairy cheese which include:

  • Techniques to create different bases ranging from legumes, nuts, roots, plants, cacti, grains, etc

  • Sprouting of organic seeds and making different types of Rejuvelac

  • Making completely raw, partial raw or raw fusion, and baked cheeses

  • Fermentation and Aging techniques

  • Farming and Foraging for local ingredients to use in making artisanal cheese plates

  • Working with Active Fungi and Inactive Yeasts

  • Understanding Bacteria and creating smells

  • Understanding both organic essences and natural flavors

  • Learning texturizing and finishing techniques

  • Creating Allergen free vegan cheeses

  • Developing healthy zero oil cheeses

  • Use of seaweeds and other Eukaryotic vegan structures to enhance umami mouthfeel

  • Understanding pairing cheeses with vegan wines and local fruits, vegetables and nuts

  • Learning methods of packaging, marketing, selling vegan cheese products included selling on

Course includes tastings and other unique and valuable forms of instruction in fermentation, accelerated aging, and presentation.  At the end of class you will be preparing a vegan cheese platter and trying it with various vegan wines from the island of Mallorca and have a chance to have your creations evaluated by top chefs, gastronomic specialists, and leaders in plant based products.

We are confident that after attending and completing the Advanced Vegan Cheese Curriculum that you will be able to integrate the creation of vegan cheeses into your business or into your personal life.



It is expected that students have a basic working knowledge of a kitchen. Class is conducted only in English and people attending should have a medium to high level language experience.