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AR Sous Chef Personalized Service

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Our AR Sous Chef service is for the home cook, traveling business person, or fast food junkie that is looking to transition to eat more fruits and veggies and to explore a healthier plant based vegan way of living.  You do not have to commit to this 100%, we just help you day to day as you needed to try to slowly switch into a healthier way of life that will be easier on your body, easier on your wallet, and overall better for the planet.


  • You simply choose the plan that works best for you: Monthly (1 Month), or 1 year subscription.
  • Based on a profile you create of yourself you will be assigned a set of personal Sous Chefs that help you as need their help in your daily life. Our international network of Sous Chefs are available 24 hours a day.  
  • We use interactivity tools like Facebook Messenger (both voice and video) and WhatsApp (live voice, recorded audio messages, and interactive video) as well as other FREE online tools.
  • Together we create your evolving profile and start building a daily log that includes access to thousands of our recipes as well as developing your own recipes and creating your own plant based vegan recipe book that fits and meets your needs.


  • You do not have to make the transition to plant based cuisine on your own, you have a personal friend and assistant - your Sous Chef.
  • Recipes and how you eat are adjusted to your likes and dislikes
  • We teach you how to use what is available at your preferred grocery store to make great plant based dishes.  We also show you how to access low cost speciality ingredients near your home no matter where you are around the world.
  • You select how you want to transition to healthier eating


Many people want to give this service as a gift to a friend. Simply select the option you want to gift and process your order. In the comments field please specify that this is a gift for a friend or family member and we will contact you to get their details and work out with you how you would like to have this gift delivered.


We understand that our service may not be a fit for everyone. You are given a 7 day period as a first time AR Sous Chef customer to cancel the service if you do not feel it is appropriate for you.  After 7 days of the service we will provide you an option to continue with the service you have purchase or cancel the service. We will provide a no questioned ask return of payment.