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L3 Next Level Advanced Vegan Workshop (3 Hours)

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Have you been a vegan for a long time? Are you past the beginning phases of plant based cuisine? Are you done with vegan burgers, vegan cheeses and other meat analogues? Are you over the simplicity of raw food?

L3 Next Level Advanced Vegan Workshop is a 3 hour course taught by the founder of the world's leading Vegan cooking academy. Stephanie Prather has been involved with vegan cuisine around the world for over 30 years. In this workshop she takes you into the world of amazing pairings and spices that will blow your mind and take your passion for plant based cuisine to a completely new dimension.

Stephanie's global chef training experience ranges from the shores of New Zealand, to the wild of Africa, to the exotic ancient spice techniques of Arabic cuisine, and the amazing combinations found in the French country side... she takes you through both simple and exotic combinations that will make the most common vegetable or fruit come alive.

Come join other advanced vegan foodies and let Stephanie show you the advanced dimensions of the world's leading Vegan cooking academy.


  • Includes sit down tasting and discussion 
  • Includes exotic coffee or herbal tea and orgasmic superfood smoothie


Training Facility: googlemaps-icon-saborvegan.png Vegan Gastronomy in Palma Mallorca

Course Time: 10am-1pm (10H-13H)