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Level 1 - Introduction to Vegan Cuisine

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Level 1 - Introduction to Vegan Cuisine

The Level 1 Introduction to Vegan Cuisine is a training program for using your skills in a restaurant, hotel, catering or kitchen environment. The series is offered in eight (8) separate sessions over two week period that provides the building blocks of Vegan Cuisine with a focus on Mediterranean cuisine, each progressing in such a way that the techniques learned in each session carry forth to the following sessions. The course is considered to be the most comprehensive vegan chef training program in the world. This intensive course enables people to be given the tools to take the next step in their journey or career.


Vegan Gastronomy Culinary Academy in Mallorca Spain teachings are rooted deeply in Mediterranean Cuisine.  The history of this celebrated way of life is much more than a diet, it is a way of life.  Through the program the instructors will teach the core components of the Mediterranean diet, including many myths of the Mediterranean diet. Traditional elements such as fresh local fruits, vegetables, nuts, and grains are used.  Natural products from around Mallorca island will be used to create traditional Mediterranean dishes using local produce as well as to inspire each student’s creativity to develop his/her own new cuisine.  

Since food from the sea is a cornerstone of the Mediterranean diet, an array of delicious and versatile seaweeds and algae serve to create a variety of dishes.  The training also explains the value of some of the world's healthiest salts that originate in the Mediterranean.

Students go on a field trip on the island of Mallorca to learn directly from farms and farmers to use local staples to elaborate delicious and nutritious meals.  

Guest lecturers from around the globe share their real life insider-experiences to expand student learning.  

Instructors unravel the history that spice routes played in the development of cuisine in the Mediterranean.  Spice instruction will begin with traditional use and evolve to far-reaching locales, including Thai and Indian influences.  Flavor is tantamount to all dishes prepared and students will learn to draw on their own life experiences to identify what is important in the culinary world.  

Creating dishes that use all senses will be emphasized to cover not only visual and taste, but also kinesthetic aspects of food.  Finally students will work together to create and debut a final dish for family and friends as well as the public to celebrate graduation from Vegan Gastronomy Culinary Academy. 


Meals - During your course you will be sampling and tasting over 100 recipes you make during the course.  There are some courses where there is a lot of food and others where it is simply tastings. The following meals are included as part of your training:

  • Monday-Thursday (Week 1) - Morning Smoothie, Lunch and Dinner
  • Friday (Week 1) - Morning snack, Lunch, afternoon vegan ice cream
  • Saturday (Week 1) - No Meals, but you can elect to take optional Tapas Workshop
  • Sunday - No Meals
  • Monday (Week 2) - Morning Smoothie, No Lunch, afternoon tasting student dishes
  • Tuesday (Week 2) - Morning Smoothier, Lunch, No Dinner
  • Wednesday (Week 2) - Your Final Project Presentation, No Meals

You are responsible for all other meals during your training.

Clothing - we provide you an apron to wear at the academy during training.

Kitchen Tools/Equipment - we provide you all tools included knives, blenders, etc

Transportation - we only provide transportation for our Excursion course. All other transportation to and from the academy must be arranged by you. Most people rent a place in town and walk to the academy.


The following are not covered in tuition price.

  • Travel to and from Mallorca Island Spain (airport code: PMI)
  • Room/Accommodation in Palma Mallorca




The price of the workshop does NOT include accommodation but we recommend the following hotels near our academy that provide convenient access to the training facility and to the beautiful historic city of Palma de Mallorca, rated as one of the top cities to live in around the world


  • UR Mision de San Miguel: this hotel is located 1 minute walk from the academy and is on the main street that runs through the walkable city of Palma. This hotel is also close to the Metro, Train, and Bus Station that can take you all over the beautiful island.
  • UR Portofino Beach Hotel: this hotel is located 30 seconds from the famous beaches of the island.  The staff and restaurant are familiar with having Vegan clients and can provide many vegan options. The hotel is 5 minute walk from main bus line that takes you to the center of the city and drops you off 2 minutes walk from the Academy training center.
  • Palma Suites Apartment Hotel - this is near academy and is like having your own home 
  • Pension Costa Brava - this is a hostal style place that many students have stayed at in the past  
  • AirBNB Offerings in Palma: are quite extensive in the old city.  The city is not a dangerous place and has virtually no crime so no matter where you stay within the city you can feel comfortable.
  • Palma Yacht Crew Facebook Group is the group for all the people in the yacht industry who normally rent rooms in their homes or rent their flats and apartments. Simply join the group and post "I am looking for room to rent for these dates in Palma". Many people will give you options.


In addition to taking the Level 1 Course you can add on the following courses:

  • Tapas Workshop (on the Saturday between week 1 and week 2) - See Details Here
  • Teacher Training Certificate program (3 days after Level 1 Training) See Details Here
SUCCESSES Sample Student Success Stories
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DAYS/TIMES Curriculum Takes Place Over 2 Week Period
  • Monday-Friday (Week 1)
  • Optional Saturday Tapas Workshop
  • Monday-Wednesday (Week 2)
9:30h-19:00H (1 Hour break for lunch)

Vegan Gastronomy Culinary Academy Spain
Espai Gastronomic
Mercat de l'Olivar
Palma Mallorca Spain



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  • 5
    Great learning experience

    Posted by Emma van Dijk on 8th Jul 2017

    The course was quite intense at times and on day one I was shaking to finish my vinegar dots on m salad but I learned a lot, the teachers were great and helpful there was a lot of instruction on both the recipes and nutrition. Would recommend the course for anyone interested in expanding their knowledge of vegan cooking.

  • 5
    Vegan Cuisine Level 1

    Posted by Kate Sabatine (San Francisco) on 27th Jun 2017

    I came into this class with an open mind looking to expand my knowledge in vegan cuisine. Before this class, I was especially hoping to learn new skills to apply to my work place at a vegan restaurant. Given my two goals, I can say that this class exceeded my expectations and I learned so much from the instructors and my peers. The diverse classroom (students from all over the world) is such a rare opportunity to be a part of. I think that one of the biggest take-aways from this experience was the connections I developed here. The instructors are eager to help you connect with people in the industry globally, which is incredible! Each day covered a new topic which kept things interesting and exciting. We did a myriad of different challenges that were aimed at helping us understand and apply the material we learned. I really appreciated the hands-on learning style, that catered to people of all culinary or non-culinary backgrounds. I recommend to anyone with the privilege of affording this experience!

  • 4
    Vegan Level 1

    Posted by KIm Fung Nam (Hong Kong) on 21st Jun 2017

    - Exposure to over 100 recipes- with ingredients and techniques used
    - Culinary instructors have a lot of knowledge on technique and flavours
    - A lot is packed in to this course so the onus is on you to keep up and be proactive in getting what you want out of the course.
    - the academy has developed its own line of products that are great. They will elevate your vegan cooking to another level. .

    - Not always enough time to ask questions in class, but students do have access to ask questions over email
    - Delivery of the sessions can be improved by having just 1 instructor deliver the materials (my personal preference).. Having interjections here and there by multiple instructors breaks up the flow.
    - Details of how to run a vegan business were interjected here and there. Would have been better to have a session soley for this topic.

    Overall, I would recommend this course, but be ready to be hard working, professional and focused.

  • 4
    Good overview

    Posted by Tessa Boekbinder (San Francisco USA) on 19th Jun 2017

    This class was packed with a variety of information fit to help anyone start off in the world of vegan cooking. Classes were fast paced and projects were challenging so there was never a dull moment.

  • 5
    I learned very much!

    Posted by Malene (Denmark) on 18th Jun 2017

    The course was very intense, we made a lot of fantastic food and got a lot of information. I have learned so much.

    We were people from all over the world (China, Peru, USA, Mozambique, India Australia, UK, Turkey, Belgium and more) participating the course. It was a great experience to meet all these different people and cultures.

    The teachers were very professional and had much knowledge of nutrition, food, health, environment and science; it was very exciting.

    I´ll give my biggest recommendations to Vegan Gastronomy Culinary Academy.
    Level 1 course was my fourth course and definitely not my last.

    Thank you Jessica, Stephanie and Manuel.

  • 4
    Intensive vegan course

    Posted by Francesca - Savouring Seasons (Belgium) on 18th Jun 2017

    The classes pack a lot of interesting information about the world of plant-based cuisine (its environmental and nutritional impact) in between sessions of preparing lots of different dishes. The tempo of the classes simulates a real world kitchen environment. The last week focuses mostly on developing your own recipes with a partner which is really challenging if you're not that experienced in the kitchen. This is a course for people who want to work in the kitchen / come up with their own recipes to get inspired and challenged to take their cooking skills to the next level.

  • 5
    Level 1

    Posted by Adrienn (Hungary) on 17th Jun 2017

    Great program to expand your knowledge in vegan cuisine and nutrition. Lot of practical, useful information for home practice or entering the market. Huge variety of topics, access to resources and network, great teachers and professional environment. And of course the best team ever!

  • 5
    Level 1 - Introduction to Vegan Cuisine

    Posted by Giri S on 17th Jun 2017

    Lots of topics, good insights in to all forms of plant based food available. Comprehensive course for someone without a background of vegan concepts, various analogs, raw food and seaweeds. Great Learning experience!

  • 5
    For Food Lovers

    Posted by Emma (Finland) on 16th Jun 2017

    I had lovely time with fantastic people and learned a lot about vegan cooking and nutrition.
    Be ready to work hard and to have fun!