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Level 1 Online- Intro to Vegan Cuisine


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Level 1 Online- Intro to Vegan Cuisine

The Online Level 1 Introduction to Vegan Cuisine is a training program for using your skills in a restaurant, hotel, catering or kitchen environment. The series is offered in eight (8) separate sessions over two week period that provides the building blocks of Vegan Cuisine with a focus on Mediterranean cuisine, each progressing in such a way that the techniques learned in each session carry forth to the following sessions. The course is considered to be the most comprehensive vegan chef training program in the world. This intensive course enables people to be given the tools to take the next step in their journey or career.

As an online student you virtually join students that are taking the course in Mallorca Spain and then you make a selection of recipes at your home. You participate in cooking activities from the comfort of your home and interact with students at our campus sharing your dishes and creations.


  • Conducted online in LIVE streaming video that is recorded for your reference at any time
  • Interactive one on one conversations with instructors as needed
  • Daily presentations and discussion on each food group and style (Nuts, Roots, Legumes/Beans, Grains, Seaweed/Algae, Cactus, Mushroom/Fungi, Street Food, Fusion Cuisine, Raw Food, Plating, Modernist Cuisine)
  • Over 100 Recipes Taught
  • Your cost for ingredients will range from €50-€100 depending on where you live
  • Certification of Completion Awarded 
  • Access to academy job and employment network portal
  • Prerequisites: None


Vegan Gastronomy Culinary Academy in Mallorca Spain teachings are rooted deeply in Mediterranean Cuisine.  The history of this celebrated way of life is much more than a diet, it is a way of life.  Through the program the instructors will teach the core components of the Mediterranean diet, including many myths of the Mediterranean diet. Traditional elements such as fresh local fruits, vegetables, nuts, and grains are used. For ONLINE students that are unable to source certain ingredients we suggest alternatives.  

Since food from the sea is a cornerstone of the Mediterranean diet, an array of delicious and versatile seaweeds and algae serve to create a variety of dishes.  The training also explains the value of some of the world's healthiest salts that originate in the Mediterranean. For ONLINE students we provide many sources where ingredients can be purchased in your own home city.

Students go on a field trip on the island of Mallorca to learn directly from farms and farmers to use local staples to elaborate delicious and nutritious meals.  ONLINE students join the tour by interactive LIVE video systems.

Guest lecturers from around the globe share their real life insider-experiences to expand student learning.  

Instructors unravel the history that spice routes played in the development of cuisine in the Mediterranean.  Spice instruction will begin with traditional use and evolve to far-reaching locales, including Thai and Indian influences.  Flavor is tantamount to all dishes prepared and students will learn to draw on their own life experiences to identify what is important in the culinary world.  

Creating dishes that use all senses will be emphasized to cover not only visual and taste, but also kinesthetic aspects of food. Finally ONLINE students will work together to create and debut a final menu for family and friends that they will share via remote LIVE video to be part of the final project.

ONLINE students have 1 month following the end of the in person course to finish the material.


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