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My Meal Bar

My Meal Bar is a line of savory energy bar products designed to replace a meal. Are you always in a rush, can't leave your desk at lunch time, or want to sit in front of computer or video game and continuing working or playing?  Do you work in remote oil field or deep water drilling, or in mining town, or a solar energy or wind farm - missing some of those foods from your home country? My Meal Bars is designed to be a low cost and nutritious way of meeting those needs.

My Meal Bars are designed to meet the needs of dietary restrictions of the most common religions of the world.  We try to develop products that meet those restrictions but at the same time try and give you the flavors that taste like those food ingredients.  Fish flavors without fish, Pork flavor without pork and Cheese flavor without any dairy at all.

My Meal Bars uses simple, pure, and natural products and flavoring to support and promote a healthy yet tasty lifestyle.

Coming soon will be a line of bars that taste like pizza, burgers, tacos, an Indian Thali, a Japanese Bento box, cheesecake, thai food, etc... all in an ENERGY BAR!!  And all are quick products for that person that is always on the go!!!