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NEW- Advanced Vegan Yacht Pastry Course

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NEW- Advanced Vegan Yacht Pastry Course

The Advanced Vegan Yacht Pastry course is designed for the yacht chef, cook, or aspiring stewardess that wants to launch their career to the next level.  Taught in the world leading sailing port of Palma de Mallorca Spain, the new modern academy is a 2 minute walk from the port.

We teach how to make incredible pastries with very little notice and limited ingredients. You will learn the art of preparing and freezing desserts.

The course has a section that focuses on whole food plant based items as well as superfood applications.

You will additionally be trained on the art of decorating and plating and will learn to use modernist techniques and ingredients that can be stable and consistent in varied climates. These techniques and ingredients will enable you to create pastries that give the “wow factor”.

We also show how to use advanced pastry techniques and apply to savory dishes. As well as introducing you to unique and unusually decadent flavor pairings used in Michelin Star restaurants. 

Curriculum includes source list for artisan decorations, intense flavors, exotic spices, and decadent aromas.


The extensive 5 day course is broken into two session per day to allow you to meet the needs of your crew in a winter season. Monday-Friday 8am-12pm, 3pm-7pm (8 hours per day), total of 40 hours of hands on training.


Upon completion of the course you are provided with a Certificate of Completion and added to our list of credentialed chefs. We provide your details to yacht owners, captains, and charter services all over the world.


Our new modern vegan cooking school is opening in the fall of 2017.  The modern new academy features a comprehensive set of cooking tools and training systems to provide you a comprehensive training experience.

The second Vegan Gastronomy Culinary Academy is located within a 2 Minute Walk from Port of Palma Mallorca making it accessible to yacht chefs, cooks, or stewardesses.