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Online Vegan Mexico Workshop

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Online Vegan Mexico Workshop

Come Experience the Spice and Flavors of Mexico... Veganized/Vegana!!!

Learn the history and culture of Mexico from the times of Aztecs eating beans, corn and chili peppers, to the time of Spaniards arriving and bringing meat and dairy (we veganize that!), and then to the fusion of Texas USA cowboy culture to create TexMex. Come and learn to make incredible vegan "cheese-less" nachos, enchiladas, burritos, vegan Caesar Salad from Baja California, and many other delicacies...and maybe a designer artisanal margarita!. 


You will virtually participate in the in person workshop from the comfort of your home. You will be joining a group of "like minded people" and be in a great working environment.

You will have LIVE video feed access from multiple video angles and will get "hands on" experience on the techniques used to make these specialty vegan dishes.


In every hour of our three (3) hour online course we will be pulling a name of one of our participating online students out of a jar and if you are participating LIVE during that announcement and can confirm you are online you will receive a special git.  Gifts can include:

  • Free Kit of a selection of our Specialty Vegan Spices (Value of 50 Euros)
  • Free Copy of all of Vegan Gastronomy published E-Books (Value of 50 Euros)
  • Coupon for 50% OFF to come to Vegan Gastronomy Level 1 Course in Mallorca

Language: The course/curso is taught in both English and Espańol (Castellano)