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Plant Based Vegan Training

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Plant Based Vegan Training is a certificate course focused on improving people's skills on using non-animal plant based products to make mainstream vegan dishes that taste amazing, and to develop dishes that meet health and food allergy objectives, as well as understanding how respecting religious or belief dietary requirements can be a pathway to larger acceptance of plant based vegan cuisine.


  • Monday- Friday 10H-13H, 30 minute lunch break, 13:30H-16:30H (10 sessions)
  • Weekend (no class)
  • Monday-Wednesday 10H-13H, 30 minute lunch break, 13:30H-16:30H (6 sessions)

Free From That's  Vegan cooking schools is a niche/specialty school in the art of elaborating vegan dishes. The training program is for using your existing skills in a restaurant, hotel, catering or kitchen environment and taking them to the next level. The series is offered in sixteen (16) four (3) hour sessions over two week period that provides the building blocks of plant based vegan cuisine to replace conventional dishes that use animal based products. 

The foundation of the training is focused on understanding how to create desired flavors using all parts of the plant kingdom. The training evolves to help you understand preparation techniques to reach desired textures, aroma and appearance.

Areas covered (changes seasonally) may include how to use and create spices and mixes, nuts, legumes/beans, sea plants, mushrooms and fungi, grains, roots and tubers, cactus, and coconuts. Lessons also include various topics including making fast food, elaborating whole food dishes, creating raw food dishes, designing fancy finger food or tapas, and developing international street food dishes.

Our classroom/teaching style is master class demonstration by instructor followed by each student individually making and recreating the same dishes. A small portion of training encourages and demonstrates to students how to elaborate their own dishes based on skills learned during their training.


During your course you will be sampling and tasting dishes during each course you create. Students will be creating 6-8 recipes a day used in multiple dishes and will be given short breaks to taste and eat dishes. Any leftovers can be taken from the academy in student supplied container.


Upon completion of the course you will be issued a Certificate of Completion.To receive a Certification of Completion from our academy program that you can use on your CV or to pursue other employment opportunities you must complete the following:

  • Attend all courses and participate in projects
  • Comply with code of conduct


It is recommended that you have medium to high level experience working in kitchen or you have attended a culinary college or are a chef/cook at a restaurant. Classically trained cooks/chefs that have trained at accredited colleges/schools can apply to receive 50% Discount. See Details 


We provide you an apron to wear at the academy during training. You are required to wear black t-shirt, long black pants, and comfortable closed toe shoes.  You are not required to bring any kitchen equipment unless you would like to bring your own chef knives. We provide you all tools including knives, blenders, forms, dehydrator, etc.


The following are not covered in tuition price.

  • Travel to and from Mallorca Island Spain (airport code: PMI)
  • Room/Accommodation in Palma Mallorca - see recommendations



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  • 5
    Level 1 - Introduction to Vegan Cuisine

    Posted by Aileen on 19th Oct 2017

    The Level 1 – introduction to Vegan Cuisine course is an intense course, not for the faint hearted. As a novice to vegan cooking, I can say that I have learnt a lot about vegan ingredients and how to use them successfully. Since doing the course, I have more confidence. I thank the tutors and my fellow students for being patient and sharing their knowledge.

  • 4
    Vegan Level 1

    Posted by Kathleen Loke on 17th Oct 2017

    The course is informative and the instructors are very knowledgeable and very willing to share.

    Here's how it goes: you're in a kitchen with a group of 10 people and a 1 or 2 instructors. The school gives you course materials and recipes before the start of the "term". After going thru' the course materials, you're then told to go off to make dishes based on the recipes, sometimes the class will "cook" together. The cooking together is (in my opinion) my favourite part of the course as it encourages questions and interaction.

    The pace of the course was welcoming, though I thought certain subjects should be given more time for discussion, e.g. food allergies, plating, flavour.

    Overall, I had a good learning experience at this school, and met many beautiful people with the same values and ideals as I do.

  • 4
    Good Job .

    Posted by Alex on 17th Oct 2017

    Coming to this culinary school was a interesting and beautfiul journey, I met amazing people that share the same passion for food and also health. From them , I learned a lot of useful stuff that I can use in my cooking journey.
    Even though a few of my questions were not fully covered, the information was very helpful , the teachers were interested in showng their knowledge, one in particular, Steph ( i loved her enthusiasm and passion for the vegan cuisine ).
    I learned that I need to have confidence at all times, and that I am ables to use my passion and creativity to the fullest no matter what, as long as it's done with love for food, animals and people . I am grateful for the people I met, the friendships that were created ( my classmates have an important part in this, with their energy and amazing cooking skills ).
    I hope this school continues sharing their knowledge to all people that come from every corner of the world and have the passion for cooking and also getting more involved in the mission that most of us share, making the world a healthy and better place .Thank you all

  • 5
    Great experience

    Posted by Katarzyna W. on 13th Oct 2017

    I am very happy with the experience I had in the academy. I've learned many new things, both practical and informational. The course was a great opportunity to meet similar minded amazing people and make friends. Personaly I would benefit from more practical traning if the course lasted longer. Stephanie was my favourite teacher, very passionate and enthusiastic.

  • 4
    Fulfilling experience

    Posted by Koralia on 12th Oct 2017

    The overall  experience  of the course was fulfilling. I've learned  so many things as it comes to culinary and marketing  practices, but most  importantly  I met people that marked me forever. The one thing that I felt missing from the course was the personalised feedback from the instructors that would make me better in order to meet their expectations. The sure thing  is that  I'm leaving the island as a whole different person, something that I'm grateful for.

  • 4
    Amazing Experience

    Posted by Thomas Hladky on 12th Oct 2017

    After finishing the Level1 Introduction to vegan cuisine class i feel much more confident with plant based cooking. It was a very informative and rememberable class. From sessions about learning und understanding the bases to fine tuning and even creating own dishes. Definitely not a walk threw the forest as it can get very challenging but that´s part of gastronomy right? :) Overall a amazing and life changing experience. Glad i did it.

  • 4
    Excited and satisfied!

    Posted by Loes on 12th Oct 2017

    Im excited and satisfied about the content of the course and what I've learned during these intense two weeks.

    I'm rating the course a four because of the balance between the information and the practical part. The information that was given was a perfect fit for me, very interesting and learned a lot from the knowledgeable instructors. The practical part of the course was nicely put together in well structured of various components.
    Why a four and not a three; the proclaimed content of the course fits the experience I had. Although I always try to enter everything with an open mind, the expectation I did had where met in many levels. Everything is taken very seriously and although in my cultural background I am not used being graded this way, they put a lot of thought in it.
    When would it be a perfect five for me; personally i would have gained even more practical knowledge when there was more time to show different outcomes with specific techniques. In hence side I would have liked to have more solution-based and feedback on given tasks. But this is a personal preference and this would be helpful to me to understand the new techniques more profoundly. For me as a newby in the more professional culinary world I experience that the instructors are very skilled and capable in their trade. Props to all of them!
    Although I've noticed that there is a great investment in effective communication I feel there is a lot to gain still. Specially in the intercultural communication. Because the course is very international oriented and therefor a lot of different cultures in one group. I've personally enjoyed this a lot and In my personal opinion there could be some adjustments to refine the quality of the course.

    Overall I'm very great full for the whole experience of being amongst beautiful people who have similar ideas and values!

  • 5
    Good learning experience.

    Posted by Renu on 11th Oct 2017

    The course was very informative. Being new to veganism, I feel I've learnt alot about nutrition. The best part was using new ingredients, meeting new people and challenging myself to do better each time.

  • 5
    Great learning experience

    Posted by Emma van Dijk on 8th Jul 2017

    The course was quite intense at times and on day one I was shaking to finish my vinegar dots on m salad but I learned a lot, the teachers were great and helpful there was a lot of instruction on both the recipes and nutrition. Would recommend the course for anyone interested in expanding their knowledge of vegan cooking.