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VBURGUESA is a vegan burger,  or hamburguesa in Spanish. This vegan burger is a product designed for high volume hospitality and food service applications where cost, functionality, and flavor are most important.

This vegan burger patty is made from Vital Wheat Gluten, Soy, Beets, vegetable oil and natural flavorings derived from spices and yeasts. The product is GMO Free.

This frozen product is only available in bulk and sold in boxes of 100 pieces. Each box contains 10 bags of 10 pieces of VBURGUESA patties per bag. Product is only available to be purchased by licensed frozen food distributors.

The VBURGUESA is manufactured in Mallorca Island Spain and complies with all food and safety requirements of the European Union.

This product is developed by Vegan Gastronomy, the world's leading cook/chef training services company.