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Vegan Around the World Training in Timișoara Romania (August 20-24)

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August 20-24, 2018
Timișoara Romania
8 Students

5 Classes on Making Incredible Vegan Dishes from Around the World!!!

In 5 evenings after work make 25 Dishes from Around the World. This is a course designed to bring like minded people from Romania together for a week of fun, learning, and cooking in beautiful Timișoara. In 5 Courses we take you around the world through food to show how you can convert traditional dishes around the world into tasty vegan international delights!


  • August 20-24, 2018
  • Days: Monday-Friday
  • Time: 18H-21H (3 Hours per day)
  • 5 Course Dinner included
  • Course taught in English and Romanian


Vegan Gastronomy Culinary Academy
KUXA Studios
Bulevardul Liviu Rebreanu 177
Timișoara 300723, Romania


Day 1: Europe and Mediterranean
Learn to make exotic dishes from countries like Spain, France, Italy, Greece and more.

Day 2: Africa, Middle East, and India
Learn to make traditional North African or Berber dishes, Ethiopian gluten free traditional dishes, learn about Fonio from Central Africa, make some exotic Israel and Turkish dishes, and take a quick culinary tour through India.

Day 3: Asia and Australasia
Make vegan sushi like you never imagined, delight in the fresh cuisine of Thailand and Vietnam, understand the spice trade routes of Indonesia, and take a modern vegan tour of dishes from New Zealand and Australia.

Day 4: South and Central America
Explore how Aztec warriors and Spanish Conquistadors merged cultures which were influenced by Africa and China to create amazing dishes that use some of the most trendy ingredients like Quinoa, Plantains, Jack Fruit, and exotic spices from Brazil.

Day 5: North America and Mexico
Discover how to make some of the most famous dishes in the world and make them Vegan!  Imagine Gluten Free Vegan Fried Chicken, exotic raw dishes, unfold the cultures the American Indians left behind and discover the world of New Mexican food, make big messy vegan burgers that are higher in protein than any conventional burger, and Chicago style vegan pizza!! But you wont finish your course until you have an amazing New York Vegan Cheesecake.


There is no specialized experience needed to take this course but basic kitchen experience is suggested. This is a course primarily designed for students that are experienced home cooks, or existing restaurant cooks, that want to expand the portfolio by adding international dishes to their portfolio.


The following are items that are included in this course.

  • Includes dishes made and drinks (wine, or alcoholic beverage from a country)
  • Includes full online recipe book
  • Certificate of Completion


  • Does not include travel/transportation to Timișoara Romania


There is no kitchen equipment needed, all is provided for your use.


You are required to wear a black t-shirt with sleeves (sleeveless shirts and tank tops allowed), closed toe shoes, and long pants. If you are not dressed appropriately we cannot allow you into the training center.


Our academy materials are provided in a private and secure Facebook Group setup for your course. You will need to have a Facebook to access videos, LIVE instruction or recorded broadcasts.

Recipes and presentations are provided online using our Google Documents system that controls secure access. You will be able to sign up for a FREE Google Account to access the material. All information is provided online only.


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