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Vegan Chef/Cook Training Terms & Conditions

The following are Terms & Conditions for Free From That's vegan cook/chef training program held at multiple training centers around the world.  By checking the "I agree to the Terms and Conditions" box you confirm that you are purchasing training services from a USA company that has contracted authorized/legal training contractors in the respective countries and rented facilities in each country. Any issues pertaining to the school training services or performance are handled directly by FREE FROM THAT in the USA and the governing legal system is in the USA in the State of Nevada. Since all in person courses are also available online with students from around the world, any legal altercations that comes from any disagreement between the training academy and a student must be administered by arbitration in Las Vegas USA.

It is the responsibility of each student to secure proper travel documents and rental/housing lodging accommodations for attending the academy.

There are no Refunds for products or classes purchased at a discounted rate at the time of sale. Courses or products purchased at Discounted rate can be changed to another course or product for a change fee of 100 Euros.

You can cancel your purchase with 100% money back guarantee within 24 hours of purchase. Cancellation requests must be made in writing.

After 24 hour period, purchases made online and paid with credit card or bank wire transfer for training courses in person or online are not eligible for cancellation.

Courses Changed: If a course date or time is changed, you will be enrolled in subsequent classes that meet your schedule or provided as an online credit to purchase additional courses in person or online.

Cancelling During Your Class: If you feel that the training style and system is not suitable for you we understand that you may want or need to cancel.

  • See Academy Enrollment Agreement
  • 3 Hour Courses - there is no cancellation accepted or reimbursement offered
  • Sickness - if you have to cancel for medical reasons you can apply credit of classes missed to future classes offered. A doctor's note from the country where the training is being held is required. No financial refund is available.
  • Not a Fit for our Vegan Academy: from time to time parts of our academy are not a fit for some students and we have to remind them that their views and opinions may not be in alignment with the charter of our company and our education academy. We will provide an official written warning to the student to correct any disruptions they may be causing to the academy and to other students. If such behaviors persist after the written warning, we reserve the right to remove the student from the academy. No reimbursement will be issued.

Free From That is not responsible for reimbursement of travel or lodging expenses should you choose to cancel or if you are not a fit for our academy.

It is understood that recipes given during workshops or courses are intended for the sole use of the student and are provided in an online format only and cannot be printed, copied, or distributed. Any misuse of the materials provided in whole or part without the express written consent of FreeFromThat s a violation of our policy and is a breach of the Enrollment Agreement signed by students before they start training. Any misuse or threats of legal proceedings will result in removal from accessing course and recipe information.