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Vegan Cook/Chef Training Vacation in Exotic Mallorca Island Spain in the Mediterranean Sea (2 Weeks, 6 Course, Package Price)

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Come join like minded people and have fun in the Mediterranean sun on the island that is one of the top destinations in Europe! Come and take a vacation on the island of Mallorca Spain for 2 weeks and learn plant based vegan cuisine at the world's leading vegan culinary academy.



This vacation package includes 6 separate courses. See each all course details here:


  • Level 1 Vegan Cuisine (5 Day Intensive Training) 
  • Vegan Tapas (3 Hour Weekend Workshop)
  • Level 2 Advanced Plant Based MasterClass  (2 Hour Weekend Workshop)
  • Vegan Cuisine Around the World  (5 Days, Mornings)
  • Making Artisanal Vegan Cheese (5 Days, Afternoons)
  • Level 3 Next Level Vegan (3 Hour Weekend Workshop)


During your course you will be sampling and tasting dishes during each course you create. Students will be creating 6-8 recipes a day used in multiple dishes and will be given short breaks to taste and eat dishes. Any leftovers can be taken from the academy in student supplied container. Includes 12 lunches, 5 light dinners.


There is no specialized experience needed to take this course but basic kitchen experience is suggested. This is a course primarily designed for students that are experienced home cooks, or existing restaurant cooks, that want to expand the portfolio by adding international dishes to their portfolio.


We provide you an apron to wear at the academy during training. You are required to wear black t-shirt, long black pants, and comfortable closed toe shoes.  You are not required to bring any kitchen equipment unless you would like to bring your own chef knives. We provide you all tools including knives, blenders, forms, dehydrator, etc.


The following are not covered in tuition price.

  • Travel to and from Mallorca Island Spain (airport code: PMI)
  • Room/Accommodation in Palma Mallorca - see recommendations


  • This course is NOT Gluten Free and anybody who is intolerant, allergic or is a celiac must know that gluten is used at our academy. We do teach Gluten Free recipes but it must be known that there is no way for us to guarantee any cross-contamination.
  • We do use products that are readily available from grocery stores that are vegan. We do at times also teach you to make selective products where it can improve flavor, reduce cost, or improve texture and taste.
  • We attempt where possible to use organic produce (based on availability)
  • This training does not include nutrition, macrobiotic, or holistic healing education. 
  • We do not adjust recipes in class for dietary needs or personal preferences, however we are happy to offer advice on how to achieve alternative results for when chefs return to their kitchens.