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Veganize Your Menu at Las Vegas USA Cooking College


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A leading hospitality cooking college in Las Vegas Nevada will soon be offering a workshop and courses to show its current students and alumni as well as cooks and chefs to show them how to take conventional menus and to veganize a few dishes showing a simple, quick and low cost way to open menus to broader audiences.

This quick course looks at common menus found at local restaurants and shows cooks how to take ingredients they normally use and how to use them to create new dishes that will attract vegans or clients of certain religions that will not eat certain foods.

Veganism is the fastest growing area of the food world right now and we want to show cooks, chefs and restaurant owners how they can quickly add menu items that are vegan that will encourage all-inclusive hotel customers to leave their hotels to dine at a restaurant that serves some dishes that are progressive, healthy, and low cost.


  • Workshop to add vegan menu to your conventional restaurant menu.
  • Course is held at accredited college (details coming soon)
  • The course is taught both in English and Spanish.