BESSIE Vegan Cheese Mix with Potato Protein (60 Gram Sample Size)

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can make 750GR to 1KG vegan cheese block

Expected release date is 3rd Apr 2020


BESSIE is a Vegan Cheese Mix that enables anyone to make a block of Vegan cheese from Grains, Roots, Nuts or Beans/Legumes.  In this innovate aromatic vegan mix you are given a blended mix of plant based products that enable you to simply select your base ingredient, add some oil, add some water and you can make a block of meltable and sliceable vegan cheese.  No longer are you at the mercy of large food companies making vegan cheeses that you dont like, we provide you a simple solution to making your own vegan cheese for your pizza restaurant, for your vegan nacho dishes, or simply for making a sandwhich with vegan cheese that you made!

At Vegan Gastronomy we like having fun calling products unique names that make you think about what you are doing or making. BESSIE is the name we gave this product because it gives us a happy thought that the imaginary BESSIE, the dairy cow, no longer needs to give milk to dairy farmers - it is time for her to dance and be free. Let us remember BESSIE as you make a vegan cheese that delights you, your family or friends, clients or customers and changes the future of cheese as we know it!

BESSIE is a dry mix of vegan products that include: Potato Protein, Seaweed Extracts, Carob Bean Gum or Garofin,  Xantana Gum, Vegan Cheese Aromas, Yeast Extracts, Whole Yeasts, Calcium Chloride, and Vegan Lactic Acid.

Simply you purchase a sample packet which includes FREE shipping anywhere in the world and you mix it with the ingredient you choose to make your cheese. You mix together a certain amount of vegetable oil and water and then heat the mixture on the stove top or microwave and then pour the hot liquid into a mold of your choice.  You let it set in a refrigerator over night and the next day you have a block of vegan cheese that you can grate, slice, or however you want to use it!  See recipe suggestions below.

The following is a suggested recipe guide that can operate as a guide to get you started to elaborate the cheese you want to make.  By changing spices, flavourings, or other ingredients, you can create your signature cheese.

pdf-icon-mini.pngUsing BESSIE Guide

At Vegan Gastronomy we believe that making amazing vegan products is key to making you succeed.  In our BESSIE product we provide you a tool to make 750grams-1KG of a vegan cheese that costs virtually nothing or at least 3-5 times less than existing vegan cheeses and comparable to the price of ordinary cheeses. We are helping you create the unique future of dairy free cheeses!

This product is currently in production and we are taking early orders to put yourself in line as we start shipping product by the beginning of April 2020.