Vegan Blue Zone Eating

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Naxos Island Greece
5 Star Accommodation Included, Friday (check-in), Saturday, Sunday (check out by 11am)
Friday evening (dinner), Saturday (10am-4pm)
8-10 Vegan Recipes

Eating Healthier as You Get Older, and Enjoying Life

We all want the secret recipe to let us age gracefully. In this course you learn the secrets of life and food.

We all know that eating the Mediterranean Diet is the healthiest way of life. Eating a diet rich in plants, nuts and seeds, and beans is a simple and colorful way of of life. In this course we teach you the way to live the sought after Mediterranean Diet and show you how to make wonderful food that brings people together. We also show you how to eliminate foods that drag you down.

Conducted over a 6 hour course you will learn about eating healthy, using simple ingredients to make delicious dishes, and easy techniques to help others make this transition to a long and healthy way of life.

  • 2 Nights, 1 Day of Course
  • Friday (arrive + dinner), Saturday (10am-4pm Course), Sunday (checkout)
  • Chora, Naxos Island, Greece
  • Includes invitation dinner (for 2 people), includes Multi-Course Lunch during course hours, no dinner on Saturday night


Nestled in the beautiful and mysterious town of Chora in Naxos Island, our accommodations are the nicest spot to appreciate the idyllic way of Mediterranean life. Only minutes walking distance to the school, you get to experience the peaceful and calm way of life.


  • Includes 5 Star Accommodation
  • Friday night - Sunday Morning
  • Can sleep up to two (2) people per room
  • Additional space can be arranged with hotel/accommodation