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A vegan fisherman's basket is a plant-based twist on the classic seafood dish known as a "fisherman's basket" or "fisherman's platter." Instead of using real fish and seafood, this dish is entirely free of animal products, making it suitable for those following a vegan diet. We teach you techniques of taking plant based solutions and turning them into a vegan seafood basket. The vegan fisherman's basket typically features a variety of delicious, cruelty-free alternatives that mimic the flavors and textures of traditional seafood dishes.

This is a dish taught in or Vegan Cuisine (L1) course and our Vegan Yacht Chef course.

Included in this is a series of short training videos that give you a step by step process for making a Vegan Fisherman's Basket. This course includes a detailed recipe, and an instructional video by Instructor Chef Jessica McKenzie. This was a recipe that as taught at our Mallorca Island Spain academy, and at our Naxos Island Greece academy and at our training at SBIE Academy in Athens Greece.

The training is a self guided tour and offers process for making this classic recipe.


  • Making Vegan Fisherman's Basket


  • Students are provided access to course materials including the recipe
  • Students have unlimited time to complete course 
  • Access to On-Demand private training videos that can be watched at any time.
  • Lifetime access to video training and recipe