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In the Mediterranean, the culture of small plates, or "mezze," embodies the social tradition of sharing diverse, flavorful dishes with friends and family, fostering a sense of community and celebration. 

Discover the vibrant flavors and rich history of the Mediterranean with our exciting new online cooking course, VEGAN MEZZE (L5). Dive into the heart of this renowned cuisine as we explore the art of crafting small plates from various Mediterranean countries, all while embracing the goodness of in-season, plant-based ingredients. Uncover the secrets of the world's healthiest diet, where tradition has often celebrated vegan and vegetarian dishes. Delve into the cultural tapestry woven through food, master time-tested recipes, and acquire the skills to create these delectable dishes. Along the way, you'll learn innovative techniques, unearth new spices and flavors, and discover cost-effective cooking methods using readily available, local ingredients. Join us on a culinary journey that requires no special ingredients, adapts to seasonal produce, and allows you to savour the Mediterranean's culinary treasures while nurturing your well-being and your wallet.


  • How to create a Mediterranean Small Plates Menu
  • Creating plant based meat and cheese alternatives using simple ingredients
  • Cooking techniques like smoking, pickling, fermentation, infusions, confit, salt roasting (no special equipment needed)
  • Sauces, Spreads, Salads & Traditional dishes


To receive a certificate for  Course MEZZE (L5), you must complete a minimum number assignments within the 2 week time frame. Once you complete the course, you will be issued a Certificate of Completion.


  • Students are provided access to course materials including recipes for students to develop buy lists
  • Students have 2 weeks to complete course (you will be given course access 2 wks prior to course start date to give you time to prepare)
  • Access to On-Demand private training videos that can be watched at any time.
  • 4 weeks access to Interactive virtual classroom where students and teacher can interact 
  • Students are required to select a certain amount of recipes to complete to receive a Certificate of Completion.
  • Lifetime access to course information and recipes 

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