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In the beautiful and peaceful setting of the Greek Mediterranean Island of Naxos, imagine being able to create stunning and delicious plant-based pastries that rival those of the world's top pastry chefs. Our NEW V7 Advanced Vegan Baking & Pastry course is a comprehensive 3-week program that provides over 90 hours of hands-on training in the art of vegan pastry making. Vegan Gastronomy is an inclusive school that welcomes everyone, whether you are a non-vegan, vegan-curious, follow an egg or dairy-free diet, or simply want to broaden your culinary skills. This course is taught from Monday to Friday, giving you the weekends to explore the beautiful island of Naxos and its surrounding islands such as Paros, Mykonos, and Santorini. 

Taught in English by expert instructors who have years of experience in the field and are passionate about sharing their knowledge with others, this course covers a wide range of techniques and skills needed to make a variety of plant-based pastries. From traditional recipes like sponge cakes, pound cakes, and croissants to more modern and innovative creations like vegan macarons and entremets, you'll learn how to make vegan versions of classic pastry doughs, yeasted breads, cake batters, dessert sauces, creams, mousse, custards, and ice cream using modernist and specialty ingredients like potato protein and proprietary mixtures developed by Vegan Gastronomy. 

The course also covers the world's top ten pastries veganized using alternative solutions found in the world of seeds, nuts, yeasts, plant gums, and undersea plants. You'll learn how to make lemon meringue pie, sable tarts, Swiss roll, layered sponge cakes, macarons, eclairs, layered puff pastries, souffle, tiramisu, and fine chocolates - all completely vegan! 

One of the highlights of the course is the section on vegan cheesecake, where you'll learn how to make a decadent New York style baked cheesecake, cold set style cheesecake, and mousse cheesecake (Entremet style). You'll learn various styles of biscuit bases, egg-free Genoise sponge cake base, how to build a cheesecake using master recipes, and flavor pairings.

In addition to learning how to make all of these delicious treats, you'll also learn about the fundamentals of enriched yeasted doughs and the laminating process, as well as unique shaping techniques for making vegan brioche pastries. You'll learn how to create foundational pastry creams, sauces, and glazes, how to replace eggs and dairy, and how to adjust master recipes to create any brioche pastry from around the world.

Finally, the course includes a section on vegan entremet, which teaches advanced techniques in using potato protein to make mousse-style French pastries and shows innovative ways to plate and decorate fancy desserts. You'll make multiple components and many sub-recipes, including base cakes, mousses, jams/confit & compotes, cremeux inserts, creams, caramels, crunchy layers, glazes, chocolate tempering and moulding, and various high-end decorations.

Whether you're a professional pastry chef or a passionate home cook, our V7 Advanced Vegan Baking & Pastry course offers an ideal way to take your skills to the next level and become a master of vegan pastry amidst the freshest local ingredients and stunning backdrop of the Greek Mediterranean Island of Naxos.

Our Certificate of completion of this program includes all ingredients, Vegan Gastronomy Pastry School Apron, Chef hat, Digital Learning and reference materials, Course workbook available in person and online.

Accommodation, boarding and meals are not included in the price.


We will contact you after you register for this training to review how do you travel to Greece, what is there to see and do, and what is required to wear at this intensive training.

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