VICECRM Vegan Ice Cream Mix with Potato Protein (60 Gram Sample Size)

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can make 750ml to 1 lite vegan ice cream

Expected release date is 13th Mar 2020


VICECRM Vegan Ice Cream Mix is a dry Vegan Ice Cream Mix that enables anyone to make vegan ice cream.  This revolutionary vegan mix is a blended mix of potato protein and other plant based products that enable you to simply select your favorite vegan plant milk, add some oil, add some sugar or sweetener and you can make 750ml-1 liter of any style (ie American, French, Gelato, Italian) vegan ice cream.  You will need a home or professional ice cream machine.  No more waiting for conventional Ice Cream companies to introduce your dream flavor or for Vegan Ice Cream companies to make it cost effective - you can make it yourself! We provide a simple solution to make vegan ice cream for yourself, friends, or customers. This solution is ultra low cost in sample size but can also be purchased in volume from our product division at 

Vegan Ice Cream Mix (VICECRM) is a dry mix of vegan products that include: Potato Protein, Potato Starch, Plant Dextrose, Bicarbonate, and Carob Bean Gum.

We often get asked, why Bicarbonate? The acidity of water around the world changes so quickly when our mixtures are added to plant milk. Bicarb simply makes the water more neutral (near Ph 7) and allows the potato protein to function better in making a creamy texture.

Simply you purchase a sample packet which includes FREE shipping anywhere in the world and you mix it with a plant milk that you select and add some vegetable oil of your choice.You then heat the mixture to activate the Carob Bean Gum which keeps your mixture from forming ice crystals. You can add in any flavors and other ingredients that you like and we provide many samples to show you how to do that.  You pour the cooled down mixture into your ice cream maker. Once complete you let it set overnight for making the perfect texture for your ice cream.

The following is a suggested recipe guide that can operate as a guide to get you start to elaborate the vegan ice cream you want to make.  By changing spices, flavourings, or other ingredients, you can create your signature ice cream.

pdf-icon-mini.pngUsing VICECRM Guide 

At Vegan Gastronomy we believe that making amazing vegan products is key to making you succeed.  In our VICECRM product we provide you a tool to make 750ml-1 Liter of a vegan ice cream that costs virtually nothing or at least 3-5 times less than existing vegan ice creams and comparable to the price of ordinary ice creams. We are helping you create the unique future of dairy free ice cream.

You will need to purchase an ice cream maker to make ice cream.  You can find any style to meet your budgetary needs at