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The Professional Certified Vegan Chef Training Program is the most comprehensive program in the world. By merging all of the best programs together we enable students who are either at the beginning of the culinary journey to become a chef or skilled cooks/chefs to have a complete overview of the world of vegan cuisine.

  • 100+ Hours of Training
  • 100+ Recipes 


Our in person course is conducted in English by english speaking instructors at our training center in the town of Chora, a popular tourist destination, on the island of Naxos in the South Aegean Sea in the country of Greece. Naxos is the largest of the Cyclades island group. Its fertile landscape spans mountain villages, ancient ruins and long stretches of beach. The namesake capital (also called Hora or Chora) is a port town filled with whitewashed, cube-shaped houses and medieval Venetian mansions. Kastro, a hilltop castle dating to the 13th century, houses an archaeological museum.

Accommodations are not included in the price. Students must arrange their own. The island of Naxos is a direct ferry ride from the port of Athens Greece or a 30 minute flight from the Athens airport to Naxos (airport code JNX).

There are many weekend ferry options to the many islands of Greece (6000 islands) which is considered to be one of the Blue Zones of the world maintaining an ancient lifestyle that is home to some of the oldest people in the world. 

Travel cost and housing/accommodations are NOT included in the cost of training. 

The program offers all aspects of vegan cuisine and provides an in depth training experience. Courses cover converting or veganizing traditional cuisine on savory dishes, sweet fine pastry dishes, making international vegan dishes, creating artisanal vegan cheeses from around the world, and learning vegan baking techniques. The importance of taste, texture, cost, and health aspects of cuisine are taught through innovative techniques. The program helps students develop skills to pursue a life or career as a skilled and certified Vegan chef. 

  • WEEK 1 - VEGANIZING TRADITIONAL CUISINE -  In the first week students learn the foundations of creating or veganizing popular dishes from around the world to create plant based and vegan versions. Techniques enable students to learn to create any type of dish to emulate animal based dishes including cheese, meat, eggs, and seafood.  Dishes from around the world are taught, highlighting techniques that can be used to veganize any dish. Training also includes learning advanced approaches to Ice Cream and Pizza.
  • WEEK 2 - VEGAN BAKING  - In the second week students learn to make vegan versions of some of the most popular breads, cakes and pastries in the world.  Using both ancient techniques and modernist approaches students learn to make both baked goods in various different ways.
  • WEEK 3 -  VEGAN PASTRY & VEGAN CHEESE- In the third week students learn advanced techniques in modernizing the world's most sophisticated and well known pastries and cheeses into amazing vegan versions using low cost and functional ingredients. Pastries include Macarons, Tiramisu, Eclairs, Baklava and many more. Cheeses include Cheddar, Bleu Cheese, Edam, FETA or Goat Cheese

The comprehensive hands on program is taught at our private training center on the island of Naxos in Greece. The city is known for its beautiful weather and because it is in the center of the Mediterranean Sea.

This program is designed for all levels of students from beginners to veteran chefs. If you are a home cook or yacht stew wanting to take the next step in pursuing your dream of opening a restaurant, or if you are a conventional restaurant or yacht chef wanting to expand your CV/portfolio, or if you are just out of high school and looking for the next step in your life - this is the program for you.


  • All students participate in the full kitchen experience including preparation, cooking and cleaning.
  • Upon completion of this program you receive a Diploma as a Certified Vegan Chef from our academy
  • Vegan Gastronomy is not an accredited college or academy as our programs do not meet the requirements of government certification organizations that require teaching the use of animal products like meat, eggs, dairy, and fish 
  • All of our courses are taught in English
  • All courses are taught by owners and founders of the academy that have trained at cooking academies around the world including TAFE Australia, Cordon Bleu Sydney, Matthew Kenney Culinary, Auckland Seafood Academy, May Kaidee Thailand, Pure Joy Indonesia, Enzo Coccia in Italy, and with other specialty culinary programs around the world.
  • We are not a gluten free academy.  Anyone who is intolerant, allergic or is a celiac must know that gluten is used at our academy. We do teach Gluten Free recipes but it must be known that there is no way for us to guarantee the Gluten Free dishes to be free of cross-contamination. While we can make suggestions on alternative ingredients and we do make several Gluten Free recipes, due to the presence of Gluten at our academy we cannot accept Celiac students without a written doctors note 
  • We are NOT a Macrobiotic school
  • We are NOT a 100% Raw Vegan Academy, but concepts of raw cuisine are explored
  • We are NOT a 100% Organic Plant Based Academy. We are 100% vegan and we do use organic products but we teach also how to used refined products and ingredients commonly used in the culinary world that are vegan. We do use products that are readily available from grocery stores that are vegan. We do at times also teach you to make selective products where it can improve flavor, reduce cost, or improve texture and taste. We attempt where possible to use organic produce (based on availability)