AEGIMUS Vegan Cheesecake Mix with Potato Protein (80 Gram Sample Size)

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Potato Starch, Potato Protein, Yeast, Euchemia Seaweed, Yeast Extract, Guar Gum, Salt, Vanillan
Replaces coldset cheesecake filling which typically includes eggs, cream cheese and dairy
40 Grams
Makes 9cm (3.5") Vegan Cheesecake for 2 Serves
Vegan Cheesecake Recipe
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#AEGIMUS is a product developed by the world's leading Vegan cooking academy, Vegan Gastronomy Culinary Academy, as a tasty, low cost, recognizable ingredient dry powder mix that enables anyone to make an amazing vegan cheesecake.

You simply mix this powdered product with Water, Light Vegetable Oil (Sunflower for example), Sugar or Sweetener of your choice, and some lemon juice. After mixed and heated you let it set overnight and the next day you have an amazing textured and flavored allergy free vegan cheesecake.

Potato Starch, Potato Protein, Yeast, Euchemia Seaweed, Yeast Extract, Guar Gum, Salt, and Vanillan

See below for several video examples of how to use this product. Here is an example recipe:

This is a Sample size bag which is 80 Grams net. This sample sizes enables you to make a cheesecake that serves 4 people. For full product size and larger volumes see or contact us at 

Many countries and chefs around the world will claim that they are their ancestors created the first Cheesecake. Some chefs like Heston Blumenthal believe it was founded in the UK, whereas many New Yorkers will claim it originated in New York (because they can!!??). So how the story really goes is that Cheesecake was first developed by a physician named AEGIMUS, the one who is believed to develop the concept of measuring the human pulse... he had a touch of what is human. AEGIMUS is credited in ancient Greek History by Pliny the Elder as being the man who created the art of making the Cheesecake.

Pliny the Elder was a Roman author, naturalist and natural philosopher, a naval and army commander of the early Roman Empire. He was the one who wrote the encyclopaedic Naturalis Historia (Natural History), which became an editorial model for modern day encyclopaedias.

We decided to name our product after the man who created the Cheesecake... and since he also wrote history to share it with the future we decided he could help us rewrite the future of Cheesecakes as we show you how to make them allergy free, vegan and lower cost than the original... oh, and in honor of the fact that he supposedly lived for 200 years, we will make him be the representative of our healthier option for humans and animals.

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