African American Opportunity with Vegan Academy

Posted by Vegan Gastronomy on 30th Apr 2020


We are very revolted by the USA news we are receiving in Spain, the country with the 2nd highest number of deaths due to COVID-19 or Coronavirus.  We see news articles discussing how African-Americans are dying at a much higher rate than white people. We see that the reasons point to that many African-Americans are in lower income areas and have additional medical problems like heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and cancer...which are almost all  due to food that we eat.  We know that low cost food in the USA is processed so that we all want to buy it and eat it.  This actually really pisses us off!!

We started our academy over 10 years ago in New Zealand... that little country in the South Pacific Ocean.  We recognized that the indigenous people of the island, called Maoris, were suffering from many of the same type of illnesses and there were a lot of medical problems.  For reference, Maoris are the people that inspired boxer Mike Tyson to get his face tattoo.  They are a very poor part of society in New Zealand and we saw that we could help. Together with a group of people we started teaching people how to take very low cost ingredients and turn them into fancy and wholesome foods... can you imagine, cheap food that is fancy and sexy?  We determined that the cost of what we taught was much lower cost that conventional food people eat.

We moved our program around the world and determined that this was the same in cultures all over the world.  So what we set out to do is to teach people to buy low cost ingredients and to make food that is as good as or better than some of the best fast foods!

In recent days we noticed that Oprah has arisen from retirement, "Oprah Talks Covid-19"

To support the Black African-American culture in the USA we have decided to offer our advanced Vegan Cuisine course on special price. Normally it is 500 Euros for the course - we have decided to be part of the change in helping to restructure the USA through the people that can change it the most.  We are now offering our NOT WHITE campaign. And yes, you heard us correctly - we are not going to sit back, watch stories of people dying, and think. oh what a pity = someone should do something about that.  There is something we can do about it!

In recent times we have had some of the most inspiring African-Americans take this course - whether it was a leading Ballet Dancer from New York, or an ex-Airforce information employee from Atlanta, or a food truck owner from Houston wanting to offer more than chicken, to a young man from New Orleans who wanted to change the future for homeless people, or to a passionate Los Angeles (now Atlanta) chef who find a peace in reshaping his future by making healthy food for others, or an entrepreneurial man from Dallas who decided to make Brisket (vegan) and create a leading restaurant - we have so many stories of African Americans that are learning to help change the future for Black Americans.

Simple rule - when you are eating foods that cause those diseases - your body cannot adequately fight Coronavirus.

We are not Black, but we truly feel there is a problem going on in the USA that we can help change fight the virus (and other diseases) through teaching better nutrition.

Our NOT WHITE program discounts or standard program from 500 Euros to a very low price.  Here is how it works:

1. Go to the course page:

2. Choose the month you want to attend.

3. Add it to your cart. Proceed through checkout.

4. At the end of checkout enter the discount code: NOTWHITE

5. This code will drop the price - try it - see how much we believe in making this happen!

6. How do we know if you are Black - well to finish Enrollment we require a photo ID to confirm you are who you say you are.... this discount is for you!

We hope you can afford to join us and change your future and those around you!

All the Best