Plant Based MasterClass Training

Posted by Manuel Lynch on 30th Dec 2017

For a long time we were trying to target too many different parts of the culinary market - high end, low end, etc.  We lost track of what we wanted to do and now we are back on track.  We want to teach restaurant cooks/chefs, and restaurant owners how easy it is to use simple techniques and convert dishes to be plant based or vegan.

But at the same time we are walking away from we envisioned to be the world of elaborate fine dining style plant based dishes. So we decided to offer all of what we know in FREE courses online to people that want to take plant based food to the next level.

Our PlantBased MasterClass series starting 2018 is only available online and will be focused on teaching high end techniques and tricks we taught in our advanced courses in the past and make this freely available to people in the future. Just because our focus changed it did not make sense to throw away advanced technical training.

So join us online in 2018 - sign up for FREE