Food Porn

Posted by Stephanie Prather on 21st Jun 2014

Watch the video and see why this leading restaurant is making Mallorca the leading Vegan destination of the world. … read more

Vegan Food Taking Majorca by Storm

Posted by Stephanie Prather on 14th May 2014

Mallorca Vegan organized a workshop to teach Restaurant Chefs how to expand their menus to offer Vegan dishes. About 30 chefs came from around the island to learn how embrace the movement.Read th … read more

A Busy Week In Mallorca for Vegans!

Posted by Stephanie Prather on 11th Mar 2014

Fill up your vegan dance card this week each day with  something fun, yummy, healthy and new here in Mallorca! On Thursday catch Stephanie Prather's weekly reVive column in … read more