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Vegan Gastronomy acquired by Free From That

Posted by FreeFromThat on 30th Oct 2017

  • New Modern Training Center in Mallorca Spain
  • Reduced Pricing on Courses
  • New Ownership focus is on making it mainstream

Palma Mallorca Spain - October 30, 2017 - The world's leading all vegan cooking academy, Vegan Gastronomy Culinary Academy has been acquired by Free From That of Las Vegas, Nevada USA and all operations have been seamlessly merged together. The merger was to refocus the efforts of the academy and training services to focus on making vegan cuisine mainstream.

"We found that we were often 'preaching to the choir'", commented Stephanie Prather, Founder of the Academy. "We had so many like-minded vegans coming to our training but not enough classically trained cook/chefs and traditional restaurant owners that could immediate add vegan menus to their existing menus and make a larger impact on taking veganism mainstream."

The academy has recently begun a process of merging its training services with conventional hospitality colleges and universities around the world. 

"We felt that it was time to take what we do to a larger audience," stated Stephanie. "We are continuing our specialized training programs and together with support from Free From That group our new modern training facility awarded to us by the Spanish government will open in 2018."

The academy has not only reduced the number of courses offered but also significantly reduced pricing of training programs.

On World Vegan Day, November 1st, FreeFromThat will be offering a major discount on its most popular courses at Vegan Gastronomy.