Vegan Society to Visit Mallorca Island Spain

Vegan Society to Visit Mallorca Island Spain

Posted by PR URGENT NEWS on 5th Apr 2015

CEO of Vegan Society to Visit Mallorca Island Spain, Leading Vegan Destination


Palma Mallorca Spain - Mallorca Vegan, the vegan concierge service for the island of Mallorca Spain, announced today that the Vegan Society UK will be visiting the island to witness its rapid transformation into one of the leading vegan destinations of the world.

Mallorca has over 12 million visitors a year and was recently rated by the Sunday Times in the UK as the #1 place to live in the world.

Jasmijn De Boo, CEO of the Vegan Society UK, will be visiting the island of Mallorca the 28th of April to the 4th of May in a set of prearranged meetings and appearances to let the vegan businesses on the island show what they are doing to help make the planet a healthier, progressive and compassionate place.

“We are excited to have Jasmijn visit and see the only place in the world that has a regularly updated printed vegan guide, a professional Vegan cooking academy (Sabor Vegan Culinary Academy), a community with over 65 grocery and health shops selling vegan products, and a long list of 100% vegan, vegetarian & vegan, and traditional restaurants with vegan menus,” commented Manuel Lynch, Co-Founder of Mallorca Vegan SL. “Mallorca is also the first place in the world to have a weekly vegan newspaper column in a daily newspaper, the Majorca Daily Bulletin.”

During her visit Jasmijn has arranged to meet leaders in the movement to make Mallorca a positive place to embracing and opening its arms to help people see the health, environmental, and economic impacts veganism can make and subsequently create a more compassionate treatment of animals.

“The rapid growth of our vegan guide service has sparked an interest around the world,” stated Lynch. “It started off at 1 page and now it is over 30 pages!”

The Mallorca public will be able to meet and greet Jasmijn De Boo at an event in Palma at Mercat de l’Olivar on Saturday May 2, 2015. Sabor Vegan Culinary Academy will be celebrating a graduation of eight (8) of its vegan chefs in training and is hosting the Taste of Mediterranean Vegan at Espai Gastronomic on the 2nd floor of the market where people can taste 21 vegan dishes and talk with the leader of the Vegan Society. The event is held from 13:00h-15:00h and cost 5 Euros to enter. Details of the event:

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