​World’s Leading Vegan Cooking School in Beautiful Mediterranean Sea

Posted by Manuel Lynch on 31st Mar 2018

Vegan Gastronomy Culinary Academy was founded by Stephanie Prather of the USA, our founder, in Mallorca Island Spain in 2013. We have operated under several names including Sabor Vegan Gastronomy, Vegan Gastro LLC, FreeFromThat, and Vegan Gastronomy Culinary Academy. We have adjusted the name of our academy to meet marketing needs, globalization objectives of reaching a wider demographic.

We are often asked why we say we are “the world’s leading vegan cooking school”… and quite simply, because we are… and here we will explain why. We will break what we say into parts: 1) world’s leading, 2) vegan cooking, 3) school.


We are a truly global company and have invited and conducted our vegan training programs to chefs from over 60 countries around the world. We have offered training with language support in Spanish, English, Italian, German, Romanian and French. We have taken our school on the road and operated our in person training programs in Spain, Romania, Belgium, Ireland, England, Scotland, Australia, and the USA. We expect our in person training to increase to over 25 more countries over the next 18 months. Our Vegan training programs teach dishes from more countries of the world than any other competing schools with dishes from places as distant as Iceland, to the countryside of Chile, to tropical beaches of Sri Lanka, and to remote island nations with Maori culture… we lead the world in Vegan training by covering the globe in understanding food from corners, cafes, and countries around the world. Furthermore our founders and instructors are constantly improving their culinary skills by training in countries all of the world.


We are a vegan cooking school since our inception. We did not believe that following a 100% raw or whole foods approach was the best approach to making veganism mainstream in the fastest manner. We decided that veganizing mainstream dishes was our objective for greater acceptance.

At the time we started in 2013 there were no “vegan cooking” schools, there were only a few “raw” or uncooked schools, and most were not vegan because they promoted the use of eating honey which is not vegan. Here is a little information on those academies/schools:

  • Living Light Culinary Institute in Northern California is primarily a raw and uncooked accredited cooking college. They did promote the use of Honey at the time which is not vegan. It was not until 2018 that they started to offer “cooked vegan dish training” or raw Fusion dishes. This is a great school focused on more costly whole food and organic approaches.
  • Matthew Kenney Culinary Academy in Oklahoma and Southern California was also a raw food or uncooked academy but was not 100% vegan as they used Honey from bees and bee pollen, which is not vegan. They added Vegan cooking training (not raw) in 2017. Matthew sold his academy to a set of investors in June of 2017 and the academy was renamed to PlantLab (see below).
  • Natural Gourmet Institute of New York was one of the first cooking schools to start offering Vegan training and in 2013 they did offer some vegan cooked food training. But even today they are still not 100% Vegan or plant based. They focus on nutrition which they believe includes fish, for example. 
  • PlantLab in Los Angeles, New York and Spain was founded in 2017 after the purchase of Matthew Kenney Culinary Academy. They offered both raw and cooked plant based training. They were not 100% vegan until fall of 2017 when they removed using honey from some of the school’s recipes. The school went out of business in August of 2018 when the CEO was arrested. All courses were stopped and many students lost a lot of money in enrollment fees they had paid. Read Articles Here: PlantLab Closes

So at that time we started in 2013 until now we were the only 100% truly “vegan cooking school” in business longer running the same programs on a monthly basis.

There are several new cooking schools around the world that have started to offer Vegan courses but the schools themselves are not 100% plant based or vegan.

There are also several other "Raw Food" academies that started up following the close of Matthew Kenney and Plant Lab school closures.


School by definition means a place that educates students  to take the next steps in their lives. We are not an accredited cooking academy, but rather are a specialized training center showing how to remove animal based products from recipes and to show people how to open their minds to the extensive plant kingdom either as fresh organic ingredients or as off-the-shelf grocery store products that just so happen to be vegan.

We believe the biggest impact we can have in making veganism mainstream is to teach conventional cooking schools how to integrate veganism into their curriculum.

Our school is notorious for our testing and focus in increasing student knowledge on what is veganism and why people are choosing this way of life.

Our instructors have worked in hospitality and restaurant world in all parts of the trade - from front of house, back of house, management, etc.

Our instructors have trained at leading cooking and plant based health colleges around the world including Cornell University in New York, Escola Hospitalidad de Isla Baleares in Spain, Tafe College in Australia, Evolution Hospitality in Australia, Cooks Academy in Ireland, Auckland Seafood Academy in New Zealand, May Kaidee Thailand, Pure Joy Planet in Indonesia, Australian Patisserie Academy, L' Ecole Instituto de Cocina Profesional in Argentina, and Matthew Kenney Raw Cuisine in the USA.

We are also contracted by accredited high schools (Ex. Rafel Nadal Tennis college) and hospitality colleges around the world to help their schools integrate vegan training. 

Lastly, we work with large food companies who have developed vegan ingredients on how their products can be integrated in vegan dishes.


Simply put, we are the World’s Leading Vegan Cooking School and are always looking to train people that what to learn more about vegan cuisine. We are simply known as "the veganizers".