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Friday, November 1- Sunday, November 3, 2019
You must be the CEO of a company

The CEO World Vegan Day Strategic Cooking workshop is an event designed only for CEOs of companies. 

FACT: Vegan food will become the biggest change in the global food market, we wanted to get CEOs from different industries together to cook, discuss, and strategize on how you can place your company and its products in the spotlight to be a global leader.  If you're like most CEOs you want to maximize profits in very aspect of your business.  

You DO NOT have to be vegan to come to this workshop, you just have to be a CEO.  In fact we find that most CEOs we speak with are, interested in the new movement and will eat only great vegan food once in awhile.  If you are purely 100% vegan you are welcome to join as well, but what you will learn in this workshop is that the mass part of the consumer market that are making vegan food choices are not actually vegan.  Our intention of our academy is to show people how to approach the mainstream through a simple yet powerful message.  We show how to make food that tastes (flavor, smell, and texture) amazing, costs less than the conventional cuisine it replaces or improves, and is healthier for the most endangered animal - human beings.

In this hands on workshop you will meet other CEOs from very different worlds - we have people from the food ingredients world, hospitality and hotel world, food service industry, fashion industry, and entertainment industry among a sample of people expressing interest in joining to learn how to embrace vegan cuisine as part of their business strategy. And yes, you will cook a lot of incredible food.  By the time you leave Spain you will learn how to use food to increase profits in ways you never imagined.

worldvegan-day.jpegWHEN (November 1st - November 3rd, 2019)
This is a quick 3 day workshop that is being held with the start date of November 1, 2019 - or International World Vegan Day.  We know you are all so busy so we start on Friday evening and show you to make some great dinner dishes, then have a full day of presentations, cooking and networking on Saturday, and we finish with a short workshop on Sunday November 3rd so you can catch a quick flight back to your home in the afternoon.

This workshop is being held at our Gastronomy training center in the city of Palma on the island of Mallorca Spain (airport code: PMI) which is known for its beaches, beautiful city (rated as one of the top places in the world to live), and for its attraction to tourists.  It is also headquarters to some of the world's top Hotel companies, as well as home to ingredient companies that are actually key in making vegan cuisine happen, and is the location of the world's leading vegan chef training academy.

Price of the workshop does not include hotel accommodation. For our guests we recommend the MELIA GRAN VICTORIA (see offers). If you want to select your own hotel this is the location of our training center: See Google Maps

We anticipate that this workshop will be in high demand and so we therefore will be reviewing each applicant to make sure they are a fit for the objective of the workshop which is to take Vegan cuisine and its implications mainstream. We reserve the right to refuse your application due to limited availability. Your money will be 100% refunded if your application is not accepted.  

We also reserve the right to cancel this workshop by September 30, 2019 if attendance is not more than four (4) CEOs. You will be issued a 100% refund if the workshop is cancelled.

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