fishsticks-mycoprotein.jpgVegan Gastronomy has developed a portion of its international business growth to offer developmental services for food companies. The company enters into contracts by food companies and develops in person seminars, onsite training and the development of food based products that are vegan and designed to meet customer needs. Past development have included onsite engineering training for use of plant based product to develop vegan Eggs, review of trends in vegan food to help develop Vegan menu for international hotel chain, to development of products into plant based solutions for other food companies. Items have included the development of vegan Seafood for food processing and fast food companies, vegan meat for top level food companies, and management training seminars for large food companies expanding into the vegan world. The company has extensive experience in extensive product types including yeasts, mushrooms, potato proteins, lupin proteins, red lentil proteins, plant based aromas and future thinking products like mycoproteins.

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