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How many times have you thought

  • “I could run my own business?”
  • “ I can create my own vegan pastry shop”
  • “I can run my own Vegan catering service for Vegan weddings”
  • “I can make an amazing line of Vegan Cheeses or Pastries and leave my corporate job!!
  • “I Can take my food blog on the road and see the world”

Are you ready to learn how to take the next steps? At Vegan Gastronomy, the world's leading vegan training company we have trained thousands of people to cook their way into their future.  Well now we are taking it a step further and providing consulting services to help you take the steps to make your dreams come true... we call it DO IT VEGAN - a business incubator service. Turn your interest in vegan food into a YOUR OWN SELF-CREATED career!

Learn to generate an income from a wide variety of options:

  • Ever thought of developing a line of energy bars?
  • Consult with local restaurants to make vegan options
  • Create a vegan travel service
  • Want to make healthy lunches for your kids & other kids at school?
  • Vegan catering
  • Work as a private chef at yoga retreats, festivals or on yachts

Do any of these ideas below represent you?

  • Do you already work in food sector, but HATE having to still work with animal products?
  • Want to overhaul your life and travel the world and earn money while working in the vegan food industry?
  • Do you hate being stuck in your cubicle eating shitty takeway food?
  • Do you want to vomit when you see what coworkers eat?
  • Are you sick of seeing what food is available & you know you can make better, cheaper, healthier??

Join our DO IT VEGAN Online Business Incubator service and learn the step by step process to turn your passions into income. Interface with other amazing people who are also imagining a new future...

In our monthly subscription program (yearly option available) you are given personal hands-on consulting service to take the steps necessary to begin your business. We walk you through the development of a mission statement, a business plan, creating a workable financial model, developing a global marketing presence, understanding how to cost-effectively use social media, and to also understand which channels work the best in promoting your efforts, and also learn to launch your own website to start receiving orders by credit card.  You will be realising your dream in a rapid quick process. You will also interface with other entrepreneurs around the world and you will participate and share both their successes as well as what NOT to do.  You will have an insider’s peek into the behind the scenes of how we successfully run a vegan business that is inline with our core values.  We will show you how we left the corporate world and made our dreams a reality.


Our DO IT VEGAN program is run by the founders, owners and operators of the world's leading Vegan cooking academy and vegan products company

  • STEPHANIE PRATHERStephanie worked for one of the world's largest banks and was head of a department showing new innovative ways create your future using your home to make it happen. She was tired of seeing co-workers eating such unhealthy food at lunch time she brought her own home cooked vegan meals to work and would take time to go to the local animal shelter to help dogs.  She finally decided to actualize her dreams of traveling around the world teaching people how to make amazing plant based foods. She did this in the USA, New Zealand, Romania, Ireland, London, India, Morocco, South Africa, and she finally set her homebase on the beautiful Mediterranean Island of Mallorca Spain.  She is the world's first vegan columnist that wrote a weekly article in a daily conventional newspaper in Spain since 2012.  Along the way she learned how to grow her network and abilities and now she runs the world's leading vegan cooking academy and also privately trains top chefs as well as leading schools like world famous Rafel Nadal's Tennis academy on how to eat food that taste amazing and is healthy is well. She left the corporate world and created her own future.
  • JESSICA MCKENZIE - Jessica was an ambitious entrepreneur since the age of 7.  She would bake and make cookies and cakes and sell them on the street corner of her hometown, Sydney Australia. She was so resourceful that she even convinced her younger brothers to flag down cars to come down their street. She quickly found that the corporate world was not for her and so she set out to be a leading fashion brand in Australia and launched her own company when she was 19 years old.  After 10 years of running a successful brand of fashion accessories sold at markets all over Australia she realized that her side business of making healthy vegan food for market stall holders was more interesting. She left the fashion world and trained to be one of the leading vegan pastry chefs and instructors of the world.  Today she teaches students at our academy, she teaches food engineers how to take their ingredients and make them useful to a conventional culinary environment, and she also teaches hospitality and restaurant chefs on a private basis. She lives her life in different places throughout the year and has created a lifestyle that allows her to not only train but to train with some of the leaders around the world in various different countries.
  • MANUEL LYNCHManuel is one of the founders of Vegan Gastronomy and joined the company from a side business he ran called Mallorca Vegan which was the world's first printed magazine and tour guide service for people visiting the island of Mallorca Spain. The Vegan Society heralded what he did as "the leading vegan vacation destination of the world". Manuel has worked as a CEO in various different countries and in various different fields throughout his life.  He has run large Fortune 500 Companies and also started several startup companies that were also sold.  He works with leading food technology companies and also privately coaches several students that have come through Vegan Gastronomy Culinary Academy chef training programs. He has many successful stories of such students from all over the world.  


We strongly believe in a business practice of under promising but over delivering.  We believe so much in our ability to provide you with a valuable service that we have setup that if after two (2) weeks from when you placed your service you want to cancel your subscription - no problem, we will refund you 100% of what you paid.  After the two weeks we will be working with you on how to use our services to make your dream a reality.


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