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At Greek College IIEK SBIE
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11am Eastern European Time
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Fat Thursday, known in Poland as Tłusty Czwartek, is a day to eat lots of Doughnuts! Vegan Doughnuts!

At Vegan Gastronomy we will be at IIEK SBIE College in Athens Greece (see YouTube Video) and we will be sharing this moment with the students in this live course from the college. You will be able to see the top Vegan Pastry school in the world working with the college!

Why you might ask? Well because donuts were invented in Greece. >> CLICK See History

Tłusty Czwartek, is a day linked to the church calendar. On this day, for many Polish people, it is the last day to eat lots of fatty, sugary food and drink alcohol before Lent (the Christian festival). Some Polish people abstain from alcohol and meat completely during Lent. Others continue to eat meat and alcohol during this six-week period, but almost every Polish person celebrates Fat Thursday as the final day of eating indulgent foods ahead of Easter.

We are lucky on this LIVE YouTube Event that we will be joined by a Vegan Pastry/Doughnut expert from Poland!!!

As the cost of eggs continues to soar, discover the art of creating Douhgnuts that even Olympians will eat without breaking the bank, while maintaining the finest taste and texture.

  • WHEN: Thursday, 16 of February 2023
  • TIME: 11am LIVE (Eastern European Time)
  • DURATION: 45 Minutes