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GERBET Vegan Mix for Making Vegan Parisian Macarons (12.5kg Bag)

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Potato Protein Isolate, Plant Cellulose (E461), Xanthan Gum (E415), Locust Bean Gum (E410)
Replaces Egg White for Macarons
100% Allergy Free
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GERBET is a proprietary dry powdered product mix that has been developed by Vegan Gastronomy to enable anyone to become a master Macaron pastry chef.

You simply mix this powdered product with Water and then use it as a replacement for Egg Whites.

The #GERBET mix product includes Potato Protein, a proprietary and specially developed Plant Fiber, and the powder of a bean of a tree that grows in Mallorca Spain. This new proprietary plant based mixture was developed together with some of the world's leading ingredient companies to develop consistent solutions every time. The mix develops perfect "feet", develops fluffy interiors, and reduces drying time - making it the perfect solution for egg-free vegan macarons. 

The following are example recipes on how to use this product

See below for video examples of how to use this product.

This is a production size bag which is 12.5kg net. This allows you to make 2500-3000  Macarons with diameter of about 1.5” (3.75 cm) . 

Make a 6-8% GERBET solution relative to quantity of water. For example add 6-8g of Gerbet for every 100g water. The 6-8% solution would be mixed in recipe in the same weight as an egg white.

The product was named after GERBET, the French man who is recognized as developing the first "Parisian Macarons" from Paris.

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