GLORIA (aka NOT EGGS) Vegan Egg Mix for Scrambled Eggs, Omelette, and Quiches made from Potato Protein (60 Gram Sample Size)

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Maximum Purchase:
2 units
Egg-free, gluten-free, soy-free, Kosher Parve, non-GMO
60 Grams (12 Egg Equivalent)
Completely allergy free
Yeast (Inactive), Potato Starch (modified), Potato Protein, Kappa Seaweed, Plant Cellulose, Kala Namak, Beta Carotone
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#GLORIA is the name of Vegan Gastronomy's dry Vegan Egg Mix that can be used to create Vegan Scrambled Eggs, Omelets, or Quiches. This product is offered on this website in sample size only (max quantity of one). If larger sizes or higher quantity is needed you can purchase volume at

The product is called Gloria after the happy Chicken that lives on a farm in some sustainable world that is happy that no one is abusing her or stealing her eggs anymore.  She reminds us of the Glorious sound that a chicken makes at sunrise on a beautiful morning. We called the mix Gloria in honour of her and millions of other chickens that will be having a happy future.

Gloria is a better and more sustainable global solution than eggs as it has no cholesterol, it is high in protein, high in fiber and has no chance of breaking shells or be contaminated by salmonella.


Vegan Gastronomy Culinary Academy will upload example recipes from time to time. Here are just some examples


This product is available in a 60 gram bag and can make up to one dozen or 12 eggs.  We ship anywhere around the world using the post office to ensure quick delivery and low cost shipping rates.

If you wish to purchase in higher volume bags please visit our product company that makes a line of vegan chef products in larger volumes for professional kitchens or restaurants.

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