Masterclass Vegan Brookie

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So many times you read or hear about a product that is tough to make, let alone to find the products you need to make this. Well we decided we wanted everyone to make this dish. This is a FREE Pastry masterclass teaching you to make what is called a Vegan Brookie...or a Vegan Brownie Cookie made in Rocky Road style. Yes that is right we are going to teach you to make a crazy dessert that everyone loves. 


No longer shipping free ingredient, you can purchase it online HERE.

Whatsmore is we are going to send you a sample of this incredible product that is used to make this recipe happen. It is called Potato Protein Pro. Once you sign up for this course you will get sent by conventional mail a single sample of this amazing product that is made of Potatoes!! We will have thousands of people signing up for this course/recipe so we want to remind you to sign up for this FREE class immediately - and please send this link to your friends because there is more.

WHEN: Saturday April 24th, Afternoon

WHERE: Online Masterclass - Here

We are giving you an opportunity to make this recipe and then to share it with the Vegan world! We are having a competition to see who can make this Vegan Brookie better than anyone else in the world. This recipe doesnt require anything really - just a want to win a contest!

Contest will win one of three prizes:

  • Three (3) Packs of Potato protein Pro (30 bags) with FREE shipping
  • An Online Vegan Pastry course where you can join other pros from around the world and learn to make the best Vegan pastries in our ONLINE program.
  • Win a FREE in person course at our academy in Greece. You read that right - a free course in person. You pay for the flights and accommodation and you can come to the world's leading Vegan Academy and train in person in October of 2021! Explore the beauty of ancient Greece and study the modern movement of vegan pastries. One week, course for free!!


This is online FORM where you fill out and submit your entries for this competition: SUBMIT YOUR ENTRY


This course is part of a program that Vegan Gastronomy is testing out that will be available as part of our Membership section of our YouTube site. You can gain access to so much by being part of something new and exciting. Sign up now and see what happens or see what you can make!