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MELTY Vegan Cheese Mix (Sample Size)

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Potato Protein, Modified Potato Starch, Yeast, Yeast Extract, Torula Yeast, Eucheuma Seaweed (E407), Salt, Aromas
Used to create vegan cheese with similar smell, taste, aroma
100% Allergy Free
Makes 1 Block of Sliceable/Grateable Plant Based Cheese (approx 250 grams)
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MELTY is a proprietary 100% allergy free, dry natural powdered mix, developed by the world's leading Vegan Cooking Academy to show how anyone can take the last step in approaching a 100% vegan way of eating by coming up with a solution for replacing cheese.

You simply add Vegetable Oil, Water and optional coloring or spices. Heat the mixture and then pour into a form to set over night. The next day you have a block of cheese that you can slice or grate. This cheese melts when heated acting like a conventional cheese.

#MELTY is the last hurdle in making it possible for anyone to make a 100% plant-based cheese. This ‘topping’ has the same properties as dairy-based cheese; well shreddable and sliceable with excellent melting properties and the ‘stretch’ of mozzarella. 

The #MELTY mix product includes Potato Protein, Modified Potato Starch, Yeast, Yeast Extract, Torula Yeast, Euchemia Seaweed (E407), Salt, Aromas

The following are example recipes on how to use this product

  • Shredded or Grated for Vegan Cheese on Pizza
  • Sliced for Sandwiches

See below for video examples of how to use this product.

This is a Sample size bag which is 60 Grams net. This sample sizes enables you to make 1 block of cheese. For full product size and larger volumes see or contact us at 

The product was named MELTY because it is texturizing technique giving the mouthfeel of cheese combined with Cheese Smell and Complex Taste to create a solution that demonstrates the values of the world leading #VeganCookingSchool: 1) Make the dish taste amazing, 2) make it lower cost than what it replaces, 3) make a product that promotes healthy eating and 4) make it with ingredients people can recognize.

While companies like DAIYA Cheese of Canada (purchased by Otsuka Pharmaceutical), Violife of Greece, Sheese of Scotland, and many others offer plant based cheeses that are still a novelty, cost nearly 2-3X more than a traditional cheese.  The PATTY product enables individuals, home cooks and chefs, restaurant owners and start up small companies to develop their own vegan cheese that cost similar to conventional cheese but have all the benefits of a vegan option. MELTY is the most sustainable Vegan Cheese solution on the planet by empowering you make your own cheese.