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Natural Vegan Umami Spice Mix from Torula Yeast

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The natural dry spice mix of Torula Yeast is Vegan Seasoning mix that has become a popular replacement for naturally enhancing flavors in Vegan Cheeses and Vegan Meats. Classified as an Umami ingredient this mix brings the depth of flavors found in traditional cheese and meat dishes and gives vegan food a depth of flavor. It enhances flavors in your dish and adds the umami dimension to your dishes.


In this article you can learn more about Torula yeast: Read Article


  • Inactive Torula yeast
  • Gluten Free. 
  • MSG Free
  • Sodium Free



  • Each Seasoning Mix bag contains 50 Grams
  • Product is manufactured in United States and Europe in Biological/Ecological Certified Facilities.  


Upon receipt of product we can provide some sample recipes to evaluate the spice mix.





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  • 5
    Great stuff!!

    Posted by Sabine Veggiebeens on 23rd Jan 2017

    I really like this product a lot and use it in my seitan recipe,stews and for pulled jackfruit!