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ONLINE Certified Vegan Chef Training (7 Courses, 1 Year Program)

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Training Includes:
Level 1 intro to Vegan Cuisine, International Vegan Chef, Baking, Pastry, Pizza & Ice Cream, V21 Mediterranean Course, and and Vegan Cheeses, Dips, Spreads and Pates
Recipes Included:
Financing Options:
€950 one time payment, or payment plan (See Here)
Specialty Ingredients Needed:
See Package Offer

The Professional ONLINE Certified Vegan Chef Training  program is ALL of the teaching programs at Vegan Gastronomy Culinary Academy all put together for a 12 month (1 Year) training program. By merging all the programs together we enable students who are either at the beginning of their culinary journey to become a cook or skilled chef to have a comprehensive overview of the world of vegan cuisine.

The 1 Year program touches on all aspects of vegan cuisine and provides a comprehensive training experience. Courses included in the program are:

  • ONLINE Level 1 Introduction to Vegan Cuisine (see course details) - In this program students learn the foundations of creating a vegan kitchen by creating plant based and vegan versions of traditional French Mother Sauces as well as spice mixes that enable you to create any type of dish to emulate animal based dishes including cheese, meat, eggs, and seafood.  
  • ONLINE Vegan Pastry & Desserts (see course details) - In this program students learn the foundations of becoming a vegan pastry chef. In the course you learn to replace animal products used in pastries like butter, creams, eggs, lard, and gelatin. You learn to make vegan versions of some of the most popular desserts as well as modernist new desserts. Gluten Free and Refined Sugar free is addressed during the course.
  • ONLINE Vegan Artisanal Cheeses, Dips, Pâtés, and Spreads Workshop The Vegan Cheeses, Dips, Pâtés and Spreads Workshop is a journey through the world of making vegan cheeses, spreads, pâtés and dips that are analogues to versions of popular dishes found around the world.
  • V21 Mediterranean Workshop - Learn to make dishes from each country that touches the Mediterranean Sea. This quick course helps you understand how to use Vegan ingredients in new and creative ways.


The following are additional bonus programs only offered online to students who apply for the 1 year ONLNE program.


  • ONLINE Vegan Baking (see course details) - In this program students learn how to make vegan versions of some of the most popular breads in the world as well as gluten free versions.  You will also learn to use exotic ancient grains and modernist new techniques.
  • ONLINE Vegan International Cuisine (see course details) - In this program students learn to elaborate popular dishes from the 5 most common cuisines from around the world including: Italian, Mexican, Chinese, Japanese, and Indian.
  • ONLINE Vegan Pizza & Ice Cream Course (see course details) - Become a vegan Pizzaiolo and go back to ancient techniques and experience the traditions of the Neapolitans, learn about the migration of Italians to modern day New York, to the thick crust reminiscent of Chicago. Learn to make meltable vegan cheeses and try your hand at the modernist and artisanal approaches that evolved in California and then immerse your senses into pizza dishes from around the world that satisfy pizza lovers of all kinds. On Vegan Ice Cream - Learn techniques ranging from common vegan approaches, to holistic whole food styles, to contemporary and modernist methods. Discover how ancient traditions around the world have brought us to an inflection point of making vegan ice creams better than dairy based versions - that are more flavorful, lower cost, healthier, and more sustainable.


Our online courses are made up of real hands on LIVE and recorded video of students taking our courses in person at our training centers.  You do not have to watch the courses live as they are recorded - you can watch them whenever is convenient to you and your work or life schedule.  We use a combination of Facebook Private Groups, Google Shared Documents, YouTube videos, Facebook Voice Messenger, etc to stay in constant contact with our online students.

We do not provide ingredient or equipment lists for our courses, instead we work with you to find out what is best for you in terms of sourcing ingredients that are locally available or working with equipment you have on hand.

To receive Certification of Completion for each of the courses you will be required to make a certain number of the total recipes and share photos, videos and experience you have with people trying your dishes.


Please visit the FAQs section of our academy to learn about Certifications and Diplomas, places to stay if you take an in person course, what to bring, what meals are included, see if our academy is a fit for you, and understanding our culinary philosophy. See


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