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PATTY Vegan Burger Mix (60 Gram Sample Size)

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Potato Protein, Yeast, Black Pepper, Onion, Garlic, Paprika, Oregano, Plant Cellulose (E461), Euchemia Seaweed (E407), Panela Sugar
Replaces Meat Flavor and Egg Binding
100% Allergy Free
Makes 6-8 Veggie burgers
Power Protein Burger, Basic Recipe Formula


PATTY is a proprietary dry natural powdered mix developed by the world's leading Vegan Cooking Academy to show how anyone can take low cost frozen veggies, left over veggies or freshly diced and bagged veggies and turn them into a great low cost and healthy burger.

You simply add it to fined diced/chopped veggies and optional oil and it functions as a complete egg to help form burgers.

The #PATTY mix product includes Potato Protein, Yeast, Black Pepper, Onion, Garlic, Paprika, Oregano, Plant Cellulose (E461), Euchemia Seaweed (E407), Panela Sugar

The following are example recipes on how to use this product

  • Veggie Burgers- see video below
  • Bean Burger - see video below

See below for video examples of how to use this product.

This is a Sample size bag which is 60 Grams net. This sample sizes enables you to make 6-8 Veggie burgers. For full product size and larger volumes see or contact us at 

The product was named PATTY because in Europe we cannot call it a "Burger" because that word is a protected name for products made from Beef and Pork. PATTY is intended to help anyone make veggie burgers in a very tasty and low cost way. PATTY is a product that uses the principles of Vegan Gastronomy - the world leader: 1) Make the dish taste amazing, 2) make it lower cost than what it replaces, 3) make a product that promotes healthy eating and 4) make it with ingredients people can recognize.

While companies like Beyond Meat are going public and raising hundreds of millions of dollars, their plant based burgers are still a novelty, cost nearly 5-6X more than a traditional burger.  The PATTY product enables individuals, home cooks and chefs, restaurant owners and start up small companies to develop vegan burgers that cost a fraction of the cost of conventional beef burgers but have all the benefits of a vegan option. PATTY is the most sustainable Vegan Burger solution on the planet.

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