Vegan Pizza & Ice Cream Course

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Palma Mallorca Island Spain
Monday-Friday, 10am-1pm
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Vegan Gastronomy has combined two of the world's most popular foods into one compact course - Pizza and Ice Cream, Veganized.

Making a seafood marinara vegan pizza? Vegan pepperoni, mozzarella, and parmesan pizza? What about ham and pineapple pizza… all vegan! The world’s leading vegan cooking academy offers the world’s first intensive 5 day (15 hours) Vegan Pizza course on learning to make the world’s most popular food… pizza.  Become a vegan Pizzaiolo and go back to ancient techniques and experience the traditions of the Neapolitans, learn about the migration of Italians to modern day New York, to the thick crust reminiscent of Chicago. Try your hand at the modernist and artisanal approaches that evolved in California and then immerse your senses into dishes from Turkey, France and California that satisfy pizza lovers of all kinds.

Leave the world of dairy based ice creams behind and discover the new world of plant based and vegan ice creams.  Learn techniques ranging from common vegan approaches, to holistic whole food styles, to contemporary and modernist methods. Discover how ancient traditions around the world have brought us to an inflection point of making vegan ice creams better than dairy based versions - that are more flavorful, lower cost, healthier, and more sustainable. You will learn techniques to make rich and decadent traditional versions of ice creams to diet and low fat ice creams that would impress the most discerning connoisseur.   Continue your journey by learning to use simple home equipment in addition to commercial equipment to meet individual and specific needs. Your training will conclude by learning to pair unusual ingredients, from exotic sensory spices, to decadent aromas that highlight and enhance the overall ice cream experience. 

Course is taught by the three founders of Vegan Gastronomy, each focusing on their areas of expertise in flavor, texture, technique, and modernist approaches to making memorable vegan dishes. Academy instructors/owners have trained in Naples Italy with leading pizza expert, the Middle East, Japan, East Coast USA and California to bring you the most authentic experience.


  • Learn to make core pizza doughs (Thin Crust, Thick Crust, Neapolitan, Mediterranean, Gluten Free)
  • Learn to make vegan cheese toppings (meltable Buffalo Mozzarella, Parmesan, Pecorino Romano)
  • Learn to make vegan meat toppings (Pepperoni, Salami, Bacon, Sausages, Chicken)
  • Learn to bake in conventional electric oven
  • Learn to bake in professional gas Italian Pizza oven
  • You will make Greek, Neapolitan, Roman, New York, Chicago, Sicilian, Turkish, French, Spanish, California, and other gourmet international versions.
  • Learn to make whole food ice cream
  • Learn to make French, American, and Italian Gelato styles 

This program is designed for all levels of students from beginners to veteran chefs. If you are a home cook or yacht stew wanting to next the step in pursuing your dream of opening a restaurant, or if you are conventional restaurant or yacht chef wanting to expand your CV/portfolio, or if you are just out of high school and looking for the next step in your life - this is the program for you.

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