Product Sample Kit

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Are you an ONLINE student at our academy? You can order a sample of each of our uniquely developed products for your use at our school for our ONLINE courses. This gives you a quick snapshot of what each product can do to enhance your creations

Kit includes the following 7 products:

Potato Protein 300 for some egg white functions, XCHEDAR Vegan Yeast Extract for cheesey flavor, PANACEG for whole vegan egg functions, GERBET for Macarons, CRMCHZ for making Vegan cream cheese, GLORIA for making Vegan egg analogue products, CHZCAKE for making Vegan Cheesecake

The kit includes FREE SHIPPING by fastest possible means so you have the products in time for your course to start.

The kits DOES NOT INCLUDE our liquid aroma products for our Vegan Cheese course.