Valentine's Day Rose Macarons - Masterclass

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The world's leading Vegan cooking school is offering a Masterclass on how to make Rose Pedal Shaped Macarons that are Vegan and do not use eggs. Vegan Gastronomy is recognized as the leading Vegan pastry school in the world and is renowned for being the organization that brought the solution to Laduree, the world leader in making Macarons. Laduree now offers vegan macarons around the world using the solution that Vegan Gastronomy developed.

The course is offered ONLINE at the Naxos Greece location of the Vegan Cooking academy.

The online course walks students through the process of making Rose Pedal shaped Vegan Macaron shells to make a wonderful Valentine's gift.  

Get a glance at the world's top academy and see why so many people take ONLINE courses or come IN PERSON. It is located on the island of Naxos Greece and is conducted by Americans (USA) and Australians.


Recorded February 3, 2021

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