Vegan Butter Aroma (DOES NOT SHIP TO USA)

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This little bottle of Vegan Butter like essence adds just a touch of aroma and flavor to your vegan dishes to make people simply love your dishes.  You only need to use a couple of drops when needed and the bottle will last you up to 1 year. An economical addition to your vegan kitchen.

Product is Vegan and does not use any dairy or animal derived product to create this flavor/essence. 

INGREDIENTS: Water, Acacia Gum,  Salt, Vegetable Oil, Flavouring Substances, Propylene Glycol, CitricAcid,  Rosemary Extract, Preservative (E211)

Due to rules and regulations on shipping liquids to the USA, we are unable to honor any orders coming from USA customers. We will simply contact you and issue you a refund for both the product and the shipping associated with your order. We are so sorry for this inconvenience.