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Vegan Pastry & Desserts Course (5 Day Intensive)

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The Vegan Pastry course is designed to take students through the world of "Veganizing" the pastries from around the world. The course travels through the world of common omnivore desserts that use milk, egg, and other non vegan dairy products and shows alternative solutions found in the world of seeds, nuts, yeasts, undersea plants, and modernist ingredients.

  • 5 Day Intensive Course
  • 10H-16:30H (10am-4;30pm) - includes 30 min break
  • Over 30 Hours of Vegan training 
  • Extensive theory and reference materials are provided. 
  • Certificate of Completion issued upon completion.

The pastry training program is aimed at all those who are passionate about pastry whether novices or with experience. This curriculum is focused on teaching the vegan version of traditional pastry foundations from around the world. The school curriculum has been structured so that students can learn the techniques, step by step to build and plate 2-4 pastries per lesson using vegan pastry foundations. Lessons cover how to veganize the following style desserts:

  • Local Mediterranean Delicacies
  • Sponge Cakes
  • Choux-style Pastries
  • Butter & Short crust Pastry
  • Cold & Frozen Desserts
  • Boulangerie/Breakfast pastries
  • Yeasted Breads
  • Chocolate
  • Gluten-free
  • Gateaux
  • Entremet
  • Confection & Cookies

Students will also learn various plating and decorating techniques. 

Our short course programs are not accredited programs. For fully credentialed programs we work in partnership with several accredited hospitality academies around the world


  • This course is NOT Gluten Free and anybody who is intolerant, allergic or is a celiac must know that gluten is used at our academy. We do teach Gluten Free recipes but it must be known that there is no way for us to guarantee any cross-contamination.
  • We do use products that are readily available from grocery stores that are vegan. We do at times also teach you to make selective products where it can improve flavor, reduce cost, or improve texture and taste.
  • We attempt where possible to use organic produce (based on availability)


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  • 5
    foundations of vegan baking & pastry

    Posted by Adrienn (Hungary) on 2nd Jul 2017

    It's a good program to set you up with the foundations of baking or if you want to keep your pastry knowledge up to date, learn new techniques and kitchen hacks. We covered a big part of the pastry world, muffins, breads, danishes, macarons, raw, decorations., etc.. #vegancookingschool

  • 5
    From muffins to top desserts

    Posted by Emma on 1st Jul 2017

    I learned a lot of vegan baking and have now a good picture of what it is, from muffins to top desserts! Thank you all for sharing this time with me. I will be back for more courses!


  • 5
    An amazing experience! Thank you.

    Posted by Houda Hassaniyeh (Lebanon) on 30th Jun 2017

    As a student, I had the unique opportunity to receive hands-on training and comprehensive instructions every step of the way. I definitely think that the Vegan Gastronomy Culinary Academy is a great stepping-stone for those who are looking for a well-rounded program in the vegan cuisine. The Vegan Advanced Pastry Course that I had taken is an ideal program for those who want to learn solid fundamentals in a short amount of time. The class was small, 16 students to 3 and sometimes 4 instructors. Personal attention had been given to students and instructors were caring and attentive, not only in the kitchen, but how each of us had been doing as a person and not just as a student. The instructors had been incredibly knowledgeable and very encouraging to their students. It is a great institute. I learnt a lot. It was an amazing experience! Thank you Manuel, Stephanie, Jessica and Sandra for all your help, care and encouragement! #vegancookingschool

  • 4
    The building blocks of pastry

    Posted by Hannelore (Belgium) on 30th Jun 2017

    This course is really accessible for al levels. They start of the course with the basics so everyone can build up to the same level of knowledge. I really liked all the kitchen hacks that will make life a lot easier in my kitchen. They showed me how to make the pastries that had never worked out before at home and I got to find out a lot about the chemistry of pastry. Thanks to this course I will now be able to put together my own pastries and get creative!

  • 4
    Advanced Pastry

    Posted by Francesca - Savouring Seasons (Italy) on 30th Jun 2017

    The first week of the course taught me all the basics: sauces, fillings, crusts, etc. Each day built on the techniques from the days before: by the end I had a good overall knowledge to make the perfect pastry. The second week was definitely the more advanced part of the course: we learned to assemble high-end pastries with beautiful decorations. There was less hands-on experience than the level 1 course but I learned a lot more techniques to help me design more beautiful and tasty desserts.

  • 5
    Advanced Pastry Course

    Posted by Anastasia - Naked Bakery (Australia) on 30th Jun 2017

    I came here to refresh my knowledge about pastries and learn about vegan techniques to apply to my business back home. I learnt a lot of techniques and methods that I will definitely be using in my products, as well as new learnt approaches to existing products which were not working very well back home. Sandra, Jess, Steph and Manuel have a lot of knowledge in different things and all combined gave me a lot of experience to take back with me. The island was lovely too.

  • 4
    Advanced Pastry Course

    Posted by Giri S (India) on 30th Jun 2017

    I was lucky to get into an advanced course though I had no real baking knowledge. The course has good topics to get insight in to and understand vegan baking techniques and quirks. I personally liked the second week of the course as It was great to learn some smart baking and decorating techniques and understand how you can create magic with your desserts and baked goodies.

  • 4
    Vegan Pastry

    Posted by Steph (Germany) on 29th Jun 2017

    I learned allot about all different types of pastry.

  • 4
    Advanced pastry course

    Posted by Cristina Spagnuolo (Canada) on 29th Jun 2017

    I came here with a goal of learning new methods and techniques in the vegan world . I walked out with a book of knowledge to bring back to my business.