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Vegan Pastry & Desserts Course (Online)

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Learn to make what are believed to be the most difficult pastries in the world all in one course at any skill level!!! All Vegan and Egg-Free!!

For example, learn to make fine french desserts from scratch, such as festive Macarons, Eclairs with egg-free choux pastry, designer Tarts and pastry fillings and Multi layered mousse cakes with mesmerising mirror glaze known as Entremets. Master classic desserts such as Tiramisu using your very own sponge fingers to authentic vegan Magnums churning your own dairy-free ice cream glazed with crunchy chocolate coating .  Enjoy an entire class solely devoted to chocolate, skilfully produce high end soufflés and learn the art of tempering couverture chocolate to make a designer box of bonbons to share with friends and family. 

This is the ONLINE version of our Vegan Pastry Course in Person course. 


We understand that ONLINE students are coming from different time zones and we create an online space that allows you to virtually participate as your schedule permits.

  • You have 6 weeks to finish all 10 sessions
  • Specialty Ingredients


Our ONLINE classroom/teaching style is master class demonstration by instructor followed by each student individually making and recreating the same dishes. A small portion of training encourages and demonstrates to students how to elaborate their own dishes based on skills learned during their training.

As an online student you virtually join students that are taking the course in Mallorca, Spain and then you make a selection of recipes at your home. You participate in cooking activities from the comfort of your home and interact with students at our campus sharing your dishes and creations.

  • Conducted online in LIVE streaming video that is recorded for your reference at any time
  • Interactive one on one conversations with instructors as needed
  • Daily presentations and discussion about each project
  • Your cost for ingredients will range from €100-€200 depending on where you live 
  • Specialty Ingredients: >> Recommended Package from Free From That


Upon completion of the course you will be issued a Certificate of Completion.To receive a Certification of Completion from our academy program that you can use on your CV or to pursue other employment opportunities you must complete the following:

  • Finish all ONLINE Projects within 6 weeks of the start of the course
  • Watch all Video Courses online and participate by submitting photos of completed recipes


For the online course you will need the following kitchen equipment:  chef and paring knife, blender, oven, cooktop, oven, and thermometer. You will also be required to have a computer and smart phone with internet connectivity and a digital camera or phone with the ability to take videos and photos and post to a private Facebook group. You will need to have a Facebook account.


  • Students can watch LIVE or recorded videos of in person lesson and will be asked to follow along at the same pace.
  • Online students will be allowed six (6) weeks to complete the course.


  • Student needs Facebook Account, Pad or Notebook Computer, Internet Connection, and Camera/Video Camera
  • Student must purchase ingredients used for course (up to 200 Euros depending on location)

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