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L2 International Vegan Chef (5 Day Intensive)

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Training Location::
Palma Mallorca Island Spain
Training Includes::
Lunch Each Day
Recipes Included::

The International Vegan Chef (L2 or Level 2) course is a Diploma/Certificate program of Vegan Gastronomy Culinary Academy. Students will learn to be proficient in making a number of vegan versions the most popular, traditional, fusion or modernist style dishes playing off inspiration from the 5 utmost desired international cuisines of the world: : Italian, Mexican, Chinese, Japanese, and Indian.

Each day students will also learn a unique technique they can use in developing their own versions of dishes from these countries.

Techniques include making Tortillas, Pasta making, allergen-free meat analogues, tempering spices, creating exotic spice blends, and developing unforgettable umami flavors.


Some examples of vegan dishes learned (change seasonally) include; Vegan Chicken Taquitos from Mexico, Unagi Eel, Sashimi and Sushi from Japan, Vegan Egg Fried Chicken Rice from China, Curry Dosas from India, and Ragu a la Bolognese and Vegan Cheese sticks from Italy...just to name a few.


  • Monday-Friday, 3 hours a day
  • Courses are taught in English
  • 15 hours of onsite training
  • Includes lunch every day


There are no pre-requisites to take this course. While it is not required to take our Level (L1) program to enroll in this course, in this program students learn to apply skills acquired during L1 Intro to Vegan Cuisine course (or previous experience), by elaborating popular dishes from the 5 most common cuisines from around the world.


Please visit the FAQs section of our academy to learn about Certifications and Diplomas, places to stay if you take an in person course, what to bring, what meals are included, see if our academy is a fit for you, and understanding our culinary philosophy. See

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