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6 Weeks
Nut-Free, Soy-Free
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  • Celebration sponge Cakes (Egg and Dairy Free)
  • Pound/Butter based Cakes (Classic, Lemon drizzle, Pineapple upside-down, Coffee Cake, Marble, Pistachio)
  • Gluten-Free Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese or German buttercream frosting
  • Buttercream Frosting, American And German Style (Egg, Dairy & Gluten Free)
  • Brownies (Egg and Dairy Free with Gluten Free Option)
  • Baked Cheesecake (Dairy Free with Gluten Free Option)
  • Brioche Donuts and Fillings (Egg and Dairy Free)
  • Cinnamon Rolls (Egg and Dairy Free)
  • Croissants (Egg and Dairy Free)
  • Puff Pastry (Dairy Free)
  • French Vanilla Slice (Egg and Dairy Free)
  • Sausage Rolls or Savory Pies (Egg, Meat and Dairy Free)
  • American style Cookies (Egg and Dairy Free with Gluten Free Option)
  • English Shortbread (Viennese, Melting moments, Scottish, Classic)
  • Gluten-Free Almond Ameretti Cookies
  • Artisanal Rustic Breads, such as Turkish Pide, Foccacia & Ciabatta)
  • Sandwich Breads, Rolls and French Baguettes
  • Sourdough Breads, including cultivating starter culture
  • Quiche (Dairy, Egg and Meat Free)
  • Meringue (Egg Free)

ONLINE Vegan Baking & Pastry 

is a course designed for people either starting their career in pastry and baking or transitioning from conventional pastry and baking to a vegan world of eliminating eggs, dairy or other animal products.  This course focuses on learning to make vegan versions of traditional pastry doughs, yeasted breads, cake batters, dessert sauces, creams, and custards. 


  • Students are provided access to course materials including recipes for students to develop buy lists
  • Students have 6 weeks to complete course
  • Course is combination of pre-recorded and LIVE video of in person course but can be watched at any time during the 6 weeks
  • Students are required to select a certain amount of recipes to complete to receive Certificate of Completion.


To receive a certificate for Vegan Baking & Pastry, you must complete a minimum of 12 assignments within the 6 week time frame. Once you complete the course, you will be issued a Certificate of Completion.


  • Students are provided access to course materials including recipes for students to develop buy lists
  • Students have 6 weeks to complete the course (you will be given course access 2 wks prior to course start date to give you time to prepare)
  • Instructor support and one on one voice calls available
  • Access to On-Demand private training videos that can be watched at any time
  • 8 weeks access to Interactive virtual classroom where students and teacher can interact 
  • Students are required to select a certain amount of recipes to complete to receive a Certificate of Completion.
  • Lifetime access to course information and recipes 


While there will be some Gluten Free options available during the course, it is not the focus of this course or of Vegan Gastronomy Culinary Academy.  The school uses traditional sweeteners in recipes.  Instructors can make suggestions for refined sugar-free or artificial sweeteners on a case by case basis, but we do not use these sweetener substitutions.


The training program is aimed at all those who are passionate about plant based and vegan food, whether novices or those with experience. This curriculum is focused on teaching the vegan versions of traditional recipes from around the world. The school curriculum has been structured so that students can learn the techniques, step by step to make exceptional vegan versions at home. 

Our ONLINE courses require students at a minimum to have the following:

  • You must have a phone number we can dial, we will not accept orders without telephone numbers
  • Computer or Smart Phone
  • Internet Connectivity
  • Facebook Account (required)
  • Camera or Phone Camera

Basic equipment is needed depending on the course and the extent you want to take your training. For all of our courses you will need a blender, cook top, oven, etc.  We recommend a food processor, stand or hand mixer, a thermometer, measuring spoons and a scale.  Specialty equipment like Ice Cream makers, Thermal blenders like Thermomix, Dehydrator, or Pizza oven are completely optional.


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  • 5
    Excellent teachers and delicious recipes

    Posted by Dalila Virgolini (Spain) on 7th Apr 2024

    Learned a lot! Enjoyed a lot! Excellent teachers and delicious recipes that i could recreate and impress my friends and family. Certainly a good step to get to know professional cooking skills and new vegan ingredients/combinations to make the best out of them! I totally recommend!

  • 5
    they are one of the best

    Posted by Marija Lacic (Ireland/Croatia) on 6th Apr 2024

    I have no words to describe how much VGCA helped on my personal and today professional journey. Everything started 3 years ago and still continues! Always excited to learn more and VGCA is always the one where I get the most of knowledge and support. I've been taking in person and online Baking course with Chef Jessica and always got more then expected, lots of knowledge, learning new skills and most important so much support and patience then I've ever got in any other Vegan Academy/School/Course. Looking forward to learn more from amazing VGCA team. Highly recommend if you thinking of taking short or long run keeping up with new courses at the VGCA ?❣ they are one of the best professionals you can learn from. Marija L.

  • 5
    I am glad I stumbled across Vegan Gastronomy

    Posted by Bitnam Singh (UK) on 6th Apr 2024

    I am glad I stumbled across Vegan Gastronomy on YouTube back in 2020. I signed up for the 1 year certification course and have completed level1 intro module and now almost completed the second Cheese making module too. It's amazing what you can do with different ingredients that you would never have thought of doing. Vegan food is not just all about vegetables. The staff have been very supportive.

  • 5
    highly recommend

    Posted by Uma Sha (UK) on 6th Apr 2024

    I recently started a 1 year online course. So far it has been an amazing experience! All the teachers are so full of knowledge and always ready and eager to help. I have learnt so much already and am so excited to do the rest of the course! I would highly, highly recommend for anyone who is vegan, transitioning to a vegan lifestyle, curious about veganism, or just love to learn about food.

  • 5
    These courses offer a good challenge

    Posted by Brad Widelock (USA) on 6th Apr 2024

    Thus far I have taken two online classes from Vegan Gastronomy. The instructors are great at answering questions. They are communicative and supportive. I've been a vegan for more than two decades, and I am now making things that I didn't think it was possible to make vegan. These courses offer a good challenge with an equal reward.

  • 5
    I highly recommend.

    Posted by Lisa Boesen (USA) on 6th Apr 2024

    I just completed this comprehensive vegan chef class and am extremely pleased with the content and format of the online, self-paced version. Learning international cuisines using plant-based techniques was what I needed for my continued dive into creating plant-based dishes. The Facebook group was a perfect medium to share results, chat with instructors, and learn from other students. The videos were perfect for learning techniques. The level of content is well-designed- some were a bit easier, some more challenging, and considered where you might be, literally, in the world, in regards to access to ingredients or own personal interests. The vast amount of content you receive in regards to tips, tools, recipes, the chemistry behind vegan cooking is informative, concise and immediately useful. I highly recommend this class to anyone who has some kitchen skills and wants to take to them to the next level. Finally, the entire Vegan Gastro business team, is very responsive and customer-oriented. Again, I highly recommend.

  • 5
    just book it

    Posted by Nuala Mukadam on 6th Apr 2024

    Just home from one of the best weeks ever, in Naxos, Greece, and already planning my next trip. I joined the Vegan Pastry in person Course for their October session. Chef Jessica is a mine of knowledge, and answered my many questions regarding the egg replacements, and which application suited which recipe. We spent the week creating (and eating ?) the most beautiful totally vegan recipes, which compares so well to their original non vegan counterparts. I highly recommend this course to anyone seeking the knowledge to re create traditional bake to vegan bakes. Photos are a small sample of the delicious pastries I made. Stop thinking about it, just book it, you won’t be sorry. ?

  • 5
    Always willing to help

    Posted by Natalie Coronado (USA) on 6th Apr 2024

    I completed the vegan chef certification as well as a couple of other courses. I highly recommend them, Jessica is always willing to help if there is any question. Well organized. Recommend trying it out!

  • 5
    Great Academy

    Posted by Yen Nguyen (Texas USA) on 6th Apr 2024

    I recently took two classes here. The classes are so amazing. The chefs are top-notch! Jessica is so supportive. Even I had cooking and baking experience before class, I still can learn a lot from them. They open my eyes to know more secrets in the world of vegan cooking. I feel much more confident that I can create a lot of dishes on my own. I love them all and continue to take more classes.