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What is Torula Yeast

10th Jun 2018

Yeast is a general name for about 1500 types of tiny, single-celled fungi. Some yeasts can cause disease. Many, however, provide us with nutrition plus the natural tools we need to produce some of our … read more

​World’s Leading Vegan Cooking School

Posted by Manuel Lynch on 31st Mar 2018

Vegan Gastronomy Culinary Academy was founded by Stephanie Prather of the USA, our founder, in Mallorca Island Spain in 2013. We have operated under several names including Sabor Vegan Gastronomy, Veg … read more
New Vegan Cheese Course Introduced

New Vegan Cheese Course Introduced

Posted by Vegan Gastronomy Culinary Academy on 21st Feb 2018

After many years of running a popular Vegan cheese workshop, Vegan Gastronomy Culinary Academy has relaunched a new Vegan Cheese Intensive 5 Day course on how to elaborate various types of dairy-free … read more

Plant Based MasterClass Training

Posted by Manuel Lynch on 30th Dec 2017

For a long time we were trying to target too many different parts of the culinary market - high end, low end, etc.  We lost track of what we wanted to do and now we are back on track.  We wa … read more