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Chef Patty Makes Chinese Pineapple Buns!

Chef Patty Makes Chinese Pineapple Buns!

19th Jul 2022

Chef Patty is taking VEGAN BRIOCHE ONLINE

Patty has had a passion for cooking since she was just 12 years old! Now 65, she is still a big foodie who loves to cook and bake for her family's varied dietary lifestyle choices including keto, vegetarian and vegan. Patty has never been a big meat eater which ignited her interest in vegetarian and vegan cooking, and her favourite sweet treats are meringues. She has also been baking a lot sourdough in recent years. These Chinese pineapple buns are a favourite brioche style soft bun with cookie crust popular in hong kong. despite the name, the pineapple bun doesn't contain pineapple at all, rather the name referring to the design created on the crumbly sweet cookie crust.

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